Virtual Reiki 1 Training

Are you interested in learning more about the Japanese healing energy work of Reiki (universal life force energy), and incorporating it into your life?

Through 4 weekly emails of video lessons and classwork content that students can view and complete at their own pace, this virtual first level course teaches the history and principles of Reiki, and focuses on self-care as well as giving Reiki to loved ones. You will receive a virtual attunement, learn the benefits Reiki has to offer, discover how to apply them to your own life, and acquire the ability to facilitate your own spiritual and personal growth. Guided meditation techniques are also covered, as well as hands-on practice exercises. Students receive a certificate of completion after the final class.

Todos los vídeos están en inglés pero hay lecciones escritas en español, y puedo mandar los correos electrónicos en español también. ¡Por favor envía un correo electrónico para preguntar!

Next training:
April 27th — limited to 5 students

$99 (This is the last time the course will be at this price, future training will return to full price of $165)
10% of proceeds donated to Color of Change

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