“I just finished my Reiki 1 Certification with Katherine Oregel, Reiki Master Teacher at the Healing Center. This was a wonderful experience. Katherine has a gentle, knowledgeable and kind teaching style. I can not wait to continue my Reiki classes with Katherine.”
– Susan A.

“Taking Reiki 1 with Katherine was a very dynamic experience, she is a wonderful teacher that never works from a place of ego, she is authentic, compassionate, and open. She lets the Reiki speak for itself. My experience involved much growth and self reflection, and it was a blessing to have a woman such as Katherine be my guide.”

– Kristen S.

“Katherine O is my Reiki provider and she is excellent both as a human being and as a provider. The service of Reiki is key in keeping me healthy. I have grown to know Katherine in this capacity but also as an over all woman in business and collaborated with her on my own growing small business. It’s great to do business with local providers and to help each women grown their own small business. Shop small, shop local.”
Lisa Ann S.

“Before I met Katherine, I had only experienced one reiki session before. Katherine took me from extreme beginner to a confident reiki student. She catered the course to my personal needs and pace, while guiding me through the learning process. I learned so much about reiki, from the history of it, to how to perform it on myself, to how to give it to others! It was a life changing experience. Katherine’s patience with me was amazing! I will definitely be back to continue on to reiki ll.”
– Alyssa F.

“I have received Reiki from Katherine over the years.  I first became acquainted with her at the monthly Reiki community clinics.  Katherine will make you feel centered.  After a Reiki session with her, I feel great inner peace and calm.”
– Iani M.