DIY Lavender Amethyst Eye Pillows

I realize that there are people out there who just do not enjoy the scent of lavender.

I do not understand those people.

Lavender is one of those scents that can calm me down in a hot second, and make my home smell nice while it’s at it. I was lucky enough to have had it growing right outside my house, and I’ve harvested it to use for various things. One project I have used it for is an eye pillow!

I offer eye pillows to my Reiki clients as well as Yoga students during savasana or throughout a restorative class. For me, there is something so comforting about the combination of the sweet smell, weight, and darkness.

I first had the experience of using a pillow like this years ago in a Yoga class. It was only when I was leaving that I realized there was no cover on the pillows, meaning that they could not be washed. I had just willingly agreed to putting something on my face that had been on who knows how many other faces *cue horrified emoji followed by the “I’m gonna be sick” one*. This was gross to me then, but think about how that would have played out in today’s climate!

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Recharge (with Style)

Let’s try an experiment.

I want you to look at the word I’m about to write, and take note of what first comes to mind when you see it. Ready? 

This magical word is: self-care

What did you see? Did you envision yourself getting a pedicure, reading a book in the bath with lit candles around it, or maybe getting a luxurious massage? In this day and age, the term “self-care” is often synonymous only with activities such as those…but why?! Those are all fantastic examples of self-care (I would practically kill for some alone time to read a book without constant interruption), but let’s not forget that tending to the needs of your body and mind can also just mean closing the bathroom door on your kid so you can pee in peace for once, or choosing not to answer any of those 57 emails until tomorrow when you’re ready to, or even as simple as taking a few deep, cleansing breaths. At the end of the day, the act of taking care of ourselves comes in many shapes and forms. It’s about creating a sacred space for you to cultivate healing of your mind, body and soul, whatever that may look like.
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