Private Lessons

Private Yoga Lessons

One-on-one guidance allows for a more direct and personal approach to learning/practicing yoga.

You could benefit from private lessons if you are:
– Seeking yoga instruction that is centered around your specific goals or needs
– Interested in learning some yoga basics (asana and/or philosophy)
– Uncomfortable practicing in a regular group class

Yoga is for everyone and every body! I truly, honestly believe this, and I want to help more people believe it, too. Props will be available to accommodate any level of practice, and I can even provide a mat if you need one, too. Just bring yourself!

Once you discover something you are deeply passionate about, it stands to reason that you want to shout about it from the rooftops. With yoga, I am so looking forward to just sharing what I have learned, and hopefully helping people use that information, along with the power of yoga, to help themselves.

For my first year as a teacher, I’d like to offer private lessons on a pay what you can afford, sliding scale program. For an hour lesson, pay whatever you can between $15-$50.

Please email me for more information, or to set up an appointment!