May Specials and Happenings


MOM AND I REIKI SESSIONS , 60 minutes for $99.  Mother’s Day will be here very soon! Enjoy the experience of sharing the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation with your mother. Following your hour long session enjoy some tea and goodies together, perhaps even enjoying the art in the community gallery. Two Reiki Masters will be present. (Available to purchase thru Memorial Day and use by 9/1/15)  If giving as a gift you can purchase an electronic gift card. To book the tables or purchase a gift card contact Christine at 508-934-6040 or 

SPRING CLEAN YOUR BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT with a guided Reiki session with Joanna Scaparotti, 45 minutes for $40 minutes or 75 minutes for $60. Are you sick of the cold? Do you feel frustrated, cranky, anxious or sluggish? Let’s give your system a spring cleaning and shake out that heavy winter energy. This Reiki session will help you breakthrough to that spring awakening that you’re craving and bring you renewed inspiration, joy and hope. Appointments available Sundays through Thursdays.  Email to schedule your session

HEALING TOUCH: “SPRING INTO A HEALTHIER SEASON” with Jill Alexander, 60 minutes /$55.00  .Healing Touch can be used for: Stress and Anxiety Reduction; Pain Relief; Immune System Support; Balance with emotional issues; and Fun & Relaxation! Make your appointment at  or 617-784-8298



REIKI SHARES with Joanna Scaparotti, RMT after Guided Meditation on April 30th, May 14th and May 28th  from 7:45- 9pm. Come share Reiki together with great company and relaxation. Reiki Practitioners of all levels are welcome to this Reiki share. RSVP to Joanna at or 978-338-4326   $10 with a food bank donation.  

GUIDED METTA MEDITATION PRACTICE with Christine Eaton, RM and Meditation Teacher on Thursday evenings: 6:30-7:30pm.  Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm (Arrive by 6:25), Donation only.   Metta is a form of mindfulness practice works as compassion builder. We bring to mind a series of individuals (our self, someone easy to love, a neutral person, and a challenging person in our lives). The meditation focuses on sending each of these people “metta” or as it’s known in English, loving kindness. The way we do that is by creating a group mantra which changes each week. It might be something like, “May you have peace, May you have understanding, May you be willing to learn”, … Christine  offers Reiki to each person during the meditation which helps when some of these become particularly challenging to process. The idea is that over time this practice helps us want to take better care of ourselves and diffuses negative reactions when we’re “lit up” or triggered by difficult people. RSVP by emailing or calling/texting Christine at 508-934-6040 or Beginners are welcome and encouraged! Donations accepted.

 REIKI CLINIC Tuesday, May 19th  by appointment at 7:00 or 7:45 p.m. Enjoy a relaxing Reiki session at a great price in our group Reiki clinic setting to maximize the healing you receive during your half hour session. Make your appointment at 978-338-4326 or  $20.00 for 30 minutes.


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           Our apologies for so many emails in your mailbox today.  Use the updated contact links below.  

           Happy May!  The beginning of wonderful weather and beautiful flowers!  New beginnings – this is the theme for all of us here at The Healing Center this spring!  Beth is celebrating a new grandson, Joanna is starting a new job in Boston, Jill is completing her Masters program in Energy Medicine, and Christine is furthering her education in Mindfulness Studies. 

           The Healing Center is also making a transition. A very important change for you to be aware of is that beginning June 1, if you want to receive information on specials or events being offered by any of our practitioners, you must sign up for their individual mailing lists (See links below). This will be in lieu of receiving emails from “The Healing Center”. Though our contact methods will  be changing, you will still find Christine, Jill, and Joanna inside The Zeitgeist Gallery in Studio 18!  

        We thank you for helping us make this change. 



For Reiki sessions, Reiki Shares, Reiki Refresher workshops, our Reiki Clinic, Reiki Certification classes, as well as Private Reiki Master Certifications and Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeships, and gift certificates:

Contact Reiki Master Teacher Joanna Scaparotti at 978-338-4326 or
 Learn more about Joanna at her website:
To receive Joanna’s newsletters: type in subject : “I want to join your mailing list” at:


For Healing Touch sessions, Introduction to Energy Meditation workshops, Female Energy Healing Clinics, Energy Meditation 101 classes as well as Intuitive Reading/Counseling Sessions to help you clear out old energy patterns and get a fresh start:

Contact Level 3 Healing Touch and Intuitive Practitioner Jill Alexander at 617-784-8298 or
Learn more about Jill at her website:
To receive Jill’s newsletter: type in subject : “I want to join your mailing list” at:


For a Mindful Reiki session, weekly meditation practice circle, or to learn more about Metta Meditation through workshops, classes, or private instruction:

Contact Christine at or 508-934-6040
Learn more about Christine at her website:
To receive Christine’s newsletter: Type in subject “I want to join your mailing list” at:



Next Reiki Clinic: 4/21/15. Sign up today!

Email now to snag a spot in our next Reiki Clinic on Tuesday, April 21!  This group Reiki Clinic rate is 30 minutes for $20 – a very inexpensive way to nurture yourself

Our Student Reiki Clinic is held on the 3rd Tuesday evening of the month by appointment only at 7:00 or 7:45 p.m.   Our Reiki clinic is supervised by Joanna Scaparotti, RMT and is staffed by her Reiki students-in-training, who work together as a team to maximize the healing you receive during your half hour session. In our serene studio space, your pain, stress and tension will be eased, making way for relief, relaxation and peacefulness.  We want you to leave feeling rejuvenated in mind, body and spirit. You may pay with cash or check made out to The Healing Center at the time of the clinic.

For your first appointment, please print, fill out and bring your Reiki Clinic Intake Form. Thank you.

Spring Clean Your Reiki Practice!

Join Joanna on Sunday April 19th from 5:00 – 7:00 pm to SPRING CLEAN YOUR REIKI PRACTICE!  Come clear out your energetic system with a spring cleaning to shake out that sluggish winter energy. Refresher workshop will include Reiju (re-attunement), guided meditation, and self-Reiki to clear out old energy and ground you in renewed practices for spring. Workshop cost: $25. RSVP to

Reiki? What’s that?

Have you been wondering about Reiki, but don’t know how or where to start to learn about it?  Reiki Master Teacher Joanna Scaparotti holds open hours once a month for anyone who is new to Reiki and wants to learn about Reiki sessions, as well as for those more familiar with Reiki and want to learn about becoming certified. Come to this complimentary open house to ask all your questions and find out what you want to know.

Our next New to Reiki Open House will be Wednesday, April 8 from 5-7:00 pm.  Contact Joanna at to RSVP or with inquiries.

Reiki 1 Certification classes starting soon

Are you looking for new ways to increase your sense of well-being and experience of abundance? Would you like to understand more about the subtle energies from other people and the environment that affect you? Exploring Reiki 1 is for you! 
6-week REIKI 1 CERTIFICATION CLASSES with Joanna Scaparotti, RMT, will begin Sunday evening, April 12th at 7:00 pm and continue through May 17th.  Reiki Clinic experience on Tuesday evening May 19th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.  Read more here.
Tuition is $175 at the first class. Save $25 if you pay in advance at:
Register at or 978-338-4326
Contact Joanna at with any questions.



Welcome Spring with Christine on Saturday, April 4th!

Christine Eaton, Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master, will help you welcome Spring with her class:


You can turn most anything into a meditation, like crafting. Come and make your own little Spring bouquet out of paper! No crafting experience required. Clear instructions will be given on how to both create and meditate.   Saturday, April 4 from 10:00 am – Noon.  Adults only please.  Fee: $20.00  Materials are supplied. Contact Christine now to register!

                                                                                                                    or 508-934-6040 

Have you been thinking about growing your Reiki?

If you are interested in growing your Reiki, you have come to the right place!  Joanna began teaching Reiki in 2006, developing her unique and comprehensive Reiki certification programs that draw upon practices from qigong, yoga and meditation.  She helps her students become proficient in a daily self practice so they are centered, balanced and grounded as Reiki practitioners.  Joanna teaches Reiki certification over a period of weeks and months so that students receive guidance and support as they change and grow into effective, nurturing Reiki practitioners.As you change through Reiki and grow to become more positive, vibrant and empowered, the people around you will be changed for the better as well.  Becoming your most authentic, abundant self will bring you joy and inspire others. Being your best self will change the world, starting with those closest to you.

SPRING 2015 REIKI 2 builds upon Reiki 1 and includes three Reiki symbols and energy archetypes for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. It can also be used for breaking addictions, changing habits, and healing stuckness from the past experiences. You will also learn how to give Reiki over a distance and use Reiki to make changes in your own life.  This evening course meets Tuesdays from 6:30 -8:00 pm on March 31, April 7, 14, 28, May 5, 12, with Clinic on April 21 and May 19 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.  See more details here.  “Pay It Forward” tuition of $175 at first class or pay ahead $150. (Pay forward the difference in tuition -from $250-through donation or community service of your choice.) Read more here about Paying It Forward.

Not sure how to start?  Bring your questions to Joanna at her next “New to Reiki” Open House on Wednesday, March 18th from 5-7:00 pm; check out her website at;  email her at;  or call/text Joanna at 978-338-4236.

Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship begins Sunday!

  • Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship with Joanna Scaparotti, Reiki Master Teacher begins Sunday, March 22 at 5:30 pm.  Price: $600.00

    Reiki Master Teacher Joanna Scaparotti has been practicing and teaching Reiki locally since 2003. She teaches Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki along with her own guided Reiki techniques. Her training emphasize developing intuition and trusting insights from your Inner Wisdom. Find out more about Joanna on her

    The Reiki Master Teacher apprenticeship is for those Reiki 3 or Reiki Master practitioners who wish to learn how to attune and teach others about Reiki. Not only will you teach others the basics of Reiki, you will also be learning how to guide each student through the personal transformation that Reiki attunement precipitates in his or her life. In becoming a Reiki Master you have learned many techniques for using Reiki in different situations as well as a whole lot about yourself.  To become a Reiki Master Teacher, you now need to learn how to teach your students about themselves through the Reiki Usui System of Natural Healing. This program is for Reiki Master practitioners who are interested in teaching Reiki to the general public as a Reiki Master Teacher.

    The Reiki Master Teacher Training program meets once a month for 6 months. Materials include: Teacher Editions of Joanna’s Manuals, CDs, and handouts.

    The Reiki Master Teacher Training Modules:

    1. Teaching Reiki 1 Includes Teacher Edition of Joanna Scaparotti’s Reiki 1 Manual Introducing Reiki & the Usui System of Natural Healing Introducing the concepts of energy, life force, chakras and meditation Introducing the Reiki Principles & Guidelines Reiki 1 attunement & 21 day self-Reiki Showing students how to do self-Reiki and Reiki on others Practicum: run a Reiki 1 private training or class in Joanna’s style

    2. Teaching Reiki 2 part 1 Includes Teacher Edition of Joanna Scaparotti’s Reiki 2 Manual Introducing Reiki 2 and importance of self-care, grounding Techniques for students to improve Reiki capacity Reiki 2 attunements 1st Reiki symbol Introducing intuition, power of thoughts & emotions, visualization Practicum: run a Reiki study group for Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 practitioners

    3. Communication with your Clients/Students Listening Skills Intake and Interview Feedback with Clients/Students How to handle touchy situations ie sexual harassment, payment issues Practicum: practice communication exercises

    4. Teaching Reiki 2 part 2 2nd Reiki symbol & techniques Introducing Reiki 2 precepts and interconnection/compassion & exercises 3rd Reiki symbol and techniques Guidelines for practicing Reiki on others Introducing Legal and Ethical responsibilities Practicum: run a Reiki 2 private training or class in Joanna’s style

    5. Professionalism Ethical responsibilities Importance of confidentiality Legal responsibilities Practice policies & professionalism Associations Liability & malpractice insurance Practicum: create practice policies and procedures

    6. Discover Your Reiki Teaching Style Your Reiki 1 teaching style Your Reiki 2 teaching style Practicum: teach Reiki 1, Reiki 2 in your own style How to design your own workshop(s) in your area of speciality Practicum: design, develop and run an ART workshop in your area of specialty

    ( Note: it is advisable to teach for a year or more before teaching Reiki Master students. These following two modules can be added on at the end of your Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship.)

    1. Reiki Master Training part 1 Includes Teacher Edition of Joanna’s Reiki Master Manual & CD Facilitating Personal Growth in the Reiki Master student Teaching the Reiki Basics & Importance of Self-care Teaching how to Develop Reiki Master Intuition Teaching Conditions and Treatments Teaching Chakras and Ki for the Reiki Master Teaching Emotions and The Scaparotti Method Practicum: attend 2 Reiki Master circles or do trades with 2 different Reiki Masters

    2. Reiki Master Training part 2 Reiki Master Attunement Teaching Communication Skills Teaching the Reiki Master How To Put It All Together Teaching Legal & Ethical Responsibilities & running roleplaying exercises Designing and Teaching your own Specialty Guiding RMs on Reiki Vision Practicum: shadow Joanna for a Reiki Master Training program module

    This Apprenticeship meets once a month for six months at a time that works for you. Each workshop covers a different topic or technique relevant to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher. The tuition for this apprenticeship is $600 with a payment plan of $100/month.

    If you’re interested in applying for the Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship, please contact Joanna at

    Thanks for your interest in Reiki Master Teacher Certification!