7-Day Nourishment Cleanse


Feel Refreshed!!  Spring clean your body and de-clutter unwanted build up of toxins.   Be empowered by your self-discipline and ability to make changes.

You’re invited to an informational meeting to consider taking part of a revitalizing, food-based, natural cleanse.   Have your family and friends join you for added support!

When:    Wednesday, June 12

Where:  The Healing Center, 234 Cabot Street, 2nd floor,  Beverly, MA

Time:      2:00 – 3:15

RSVP:     Louise Andrews – Holistic Health Coach  –  creativenourish@aol.com  or  Call (781) 799-6848

Benefits experienced during a cleanse

— Improved digestion

— Increased energy and mental clarity (around 3rd day)

— Feelings of calmness and control of life

— Reduced allergies and improved health

— Education on the nutritional benefits of whole foods

— Awareness of yourself and your body

Schedule for Cleanse:

Pre-Cleanse – June 17-20 ( prep 4-5 days before)

7- Day Cleanse – Fri, June 21 – Fri. June 28

Phase 1 – Fruits & Vegetables  (3 days)

Phase 2 – Add Grains, nuts & seeds  (2 days)

Phase 3 – Add Light protein (2 days)

Two Cleanse support meetings will be held during above dates listed.  Days & times to be determined.

Please contact Louise if you have further questions or would like more information.

*Individual cleanse program also available.

Cost:  $99