Sunday Sunrise Sessions

Soak up the light and warmth to rekindle your inner joy!

Recently I experienced a Reiki session in the noontime sun that filled me completely with warmth and light.   It was completely delicious and restorative. I felt a wave of joy come over me with a depth of feeling that I hadn’t realized had been missing since it became too cold out for morning sunrise walks.  I found my Reiki session in the sunshine so exquisite and rejuvenating, I’d like to give you the opportunity to experience this too.

From now through Christmas, I’ll be offering Sunday Sunrise sessions for 45 minutes at 8am and 9am so you can soak up the light and warmth of Reiki and rekindle your inner joy.

In addition, each time you book a 45 or 75 minute session with me or purchase a gift certificate during this period, you’ll also receive a bonus gift certificate for a complimentary half hour session that you can give to yourself or to a friend to use in the new year for recharging your spirit during the long cold days of winter.

There is something powerful in connecting with the sun this time of year and inviting the light into your body. Combined with Reiki, it’s powerful. The Sunday Sunrise Sessions will bring peacefulness and joy that is missing in the cold, dark, hectic days of late fall for many of us.

Call Joanna at 978-338-4326 or email me to schedule your Sunday Sunrise Session at 8 or 9am.  Appointments are available through December 22, 2013.

Book or buy a Reiki session & receive a bonus gift certificate

hibiscuscandleNourish your heart and soul with a soothing Reiki session with Joanna this holiday season and receive a bonus half hour session to use in the New Year.

Slow down ~ Relax deeply ~ Release stress and anxiety ~ Open your heart ~ Reconnect with joy and lightness

This time of year can be so stressful.  I used to have such a hard time.  I hated the holidays.  It was so bad, that I would be on the verge of a nervous breakdown for all of November and December each year.  I probably did break down and cry more than once.  It was years and years of holiday stress until I learned how to prioritize my health and sanity over what I thought I should do to make everyone else happy during the holiday season.  (Check out my blog post Lessons from the Grinch that I wrote in 2007 about this shift.)

One of the ways that I keep my sanity in check is to schedule down time on my calendar for myself. It might just be quiet time with a cup of tea, or it’s a massage, Reiki session or restorative yoga class.  I highly recommend you get out your calendar now and block off some R&R time for yourself this holiday season so you can really enjoy the important things instead of being rushed and stressed.

Here’s my special R & R gift to you for you this holiday season:  Each time you book a 45 or 75 minute Nourish your Heart and Soul session with me (or purchase a gift certificate) from November 15th through December 24th, you’ll also receive a gift certificate for a complimentary half hour session that you can give to yourself or a friend to use in January 2014.

Reiki Refresher: Staying Centered & Grounded during the holidays

redlotusDoes the holiday season feel stressful, exhausting, overwhelming? Do you end up feeling run down?  Come find out how your Reiki practice can keep you centered and grounded during the holiday season so you feel calm, energized and focused instead!  We’ll review the basics like grounding and explore some new techniques like calling back your own energy and using distance Reiki for your own health & wellbeing.

Reiki Refresher Workshops are open to Reiki students and practitioners of all levels. $25 per workshop. Contact Joanna at 978-338-4326 or to register.

Remembering to just be, sometimes

I have found in the past that when I can truly surrender and be fully present in each moment, magical things happen. At the very least, being totally present means really enjoying and appreciating your environment and the people with you. I am looking forward to letting magic happen by meandering and discovering Autumn with new eyes and beginner’s mind!

I’m going to practice being present each day and see what happens.

I think sometimes when you are working towards a significant goal like getting an education, starting a business or during times of big transition or crisis like a family illness or having a child, it’s ok to stay tightly focused and sacrifice some of the magic of going with the flow. But, a life without any wiggle room will start to feel heavy and burdensome after a while. I think it’s very important during those focused times to carve some time out where you can relax and go with the flow, so your spirit can be nourished.

I like to carve out little pockets of time each day and throughout the day to just be, as I describe in this old blog post Remember to Just Be.

When your life gets busy, what do you do to keep your spirit nourished?

I’d love to hear from you – let me know your favorite ways to keep magic and joy flowing in your busy life.

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Are we there yet?

This has been a particularly challenging Mercury retrograde. I’m ready for it to be over. How about you?

Earlier this week, I woke up in a particularly bad mood. Yeah, I was uncomfortable in my body, but that wasn’t the worst part. I couldn’t get out of my own way. I was going around and around in circles in my mind with negative self talk. All I felt like doing was complaining about what was going wrong that day, and the more I focused on what was wrong, the worse I felt.

Finally, I remembered that I could get myself out of the downward spiral with gratitude. I started looking for what was going right and noticing all the things I could appreciate right then. I started off small. The list got longer and longer, and I started to feel better.

Focusing on gratitude really helps. Give it a try when you’re having a bad day. Appreciate what you do have. Appreciate what is going right. You’ll feel so much better.

On Monday, we’re appreciating veterans and first responders at The Healing Center from 8:30am to 2pm. There will be meditation, yoga, Reiki and massage. We’ll appreciate you too, if you come by. Click here for more details.

This coming week, join me…

  • Sunday for a New to Reiki open house at 12pm and the Reiki Master Circle at 5:45pm.
  • Monday Veteran’s Day Appreciation 8:30am-2pm and Reiki share 5:30-7pm.
  • Tuesday and Thursday, I have Nourish your Heart and Soul Reiki Sessions available. If you need to relax deeply and recharge your spirit, email me at or call me at 978-338-4326 to schedule a 45 or 75 minute session.


Join me for a New to Reiki Open House

On November 10th at 12pm, join me for a Reiki open house!

JoannaReiki2Are you new to Reiki?

Do you have questions about how Reiki works and what a session is like?

Do you wonder what’s involved in the certification process?

Bring your questions and get them all answered at this open house.

This open house is free and open to all who are curious!

RSVP or questions to Joanna at 978-338-4326 or

Cherish your blessings

I can’t help but count and cherish my blessings.

This fall is a milestone for me, its been 5 years since my divorce and deciding to put down my roots on the North Shore. I have an amazing community of family, friends, colleagues and clients now, and I am doing interesting, fulfilling work in service to helping people live their best lives. My heart is happy living so close to the majestic ocean as I can visit her anytime I like and let her waves crashing on the surf soothe and recharge me.

Of course, I still have my fair share of stress between being in graduate school and running a multi-faceted business, but there is so much I am grateful for. My life is better than I ever imagined it could be, and as hard as it was, my divorce was the biggest blessing of all. Once I was able to let go of attachment to what I thought my life should be like and allow it, instead, to unfold in its own delightful and inexplicable ways, it became a gift instead of something broken.

As Rumi says:

This being human is a guest house.

Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,

Some momentary awareness comes

As an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and attend them all!

Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,

Who violently sweep your house

Empty of its furniture.

Still, treat each guest honorably.

He may be clearing you out for some new delight.

What losses have cleared space in your life for something wonderful?

Take a few moments today to count and cherish the blessings in your life and appreciate the gifts that come from unexpected places.