Angel message for June of 2014

The message from the Universe for the month June 2014

By Peg Jones

The weather for you , is finally beginning to settle down somewhat. The weather is getting warmer for those in the north in the USA, after a long winter experience, for all who were living there.

We have a message for all for this new month coming up, June, 2014. So many milestones for each of you , graduations , weddings, changes due to moving or changing job. Each of you making changes or watching changes of others around you.

Of course, besides the changes and transitions in your lives, and those in your life, there are many changes on the world platform too. There more people waking up and seeing how spirituality plays in their lives. And there are changes in the awareness of people, on the financial front of national, worldwide and also personal levels. There has been more awareness of the food we eat and what we put into our bodies. We are finding that we are becoming more aware in wanting to each more organic meat , fruits and vegetables..W e are seeing how a lot of what you eat, is not for your higher good , and you keep track of what you are eating and drinking.

There is more awareness of finding out the truth of who and what we are.. What our actual origin are comprised of.. And are we who we think we are?

Man is waking up to finding the TRUTH of all aspects of what a human being truly is. Many are waking up the fact that they are not only a human being, we are spiritual beings in every way too. We are waking up to the fact that we are capable of so much more that what we have told in the past and what we can do to develop further on our path.

We are finding out, that there are different ways we can communicate with spirit, our guides, angels, loved ones, animal totems, and the elementals.. We are finding that we can pick who and when we want to communicate through one these channels or several at the same time.

We are finding the Universe is very kind and that it provides us what we truly need. The quote that comes to me at this time

“God never gives us any more than we can handle.”

We are learning the concept of being grateful for all that we have in our lives on the earth plane. That when we thank the universe for all that we have, that more is given to us, when we are truly grateful and when we start to do t he footwork for what we want to have help with from our guides or our angels .

Also we are finding that when we live with positive intent that our hopes, dreams and wishes truly will be manifested for us..

The best part of our new awareness, is that if we think it, it can happen for us.. For we are co- creators in every way, possible.

Love is at the heart of this new awareness, and that when we spread this love, the universe is very happy about that.. The universe then truly wants us to succeed, in what we came to earth for, and to live our life purpose, with hope and the confidence that all things are possible, when we have positive intent.

I hear constantly, don’t for get, no matter what we can do anything we want to do. The final point I want discuss is know that, the universe loves, no matter what .And that we are worthy of this love and ability to help us to succeed in our new corner of the journey of love.

The angels remind us how precious we are and how the universe are behind us in every way..

Don’t ever doubt our love dear child.

Thank you and have a wonderful day, today.

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Angels and humor

Angelical Whispers
By Peg Jones
Humor and our angels
Angels have a sense of humor…The angel’s wants us to enjoy life. Have a good laugh at yourself every now and again for taking life seriously. Then take time to laugh with the angels!”
-Margaret Neylon
When I found this quote tonight, I felt that this would be a good thing to talk about how sometimes we are so very serious about our life and our path that we may forget to have a sense a humor. Sometimes, it seems like we even forget about laughter, having fun with family and friends.
The angels always remind me that when I am not laughing and being very serous, about every aspect of my life, that it’s time to take some time out, to find more humor in my life.. They make many suggestions for how we can do this.
• Go out with friends for a night of fun, see a funny show or watch a funny movie
• Watch old reruns of shows from your youth
• Listen to you favorite comedian on tv or cd
• Go dancing with partner or with friends
• Talk to an old friend, the kind of friend that if you hadn’t seen them in a month you could pick up right where you left off from last time you spoke
• read some jokes on the internet
• sing old songs out loud
• be with kids and do something fun with them
• listen to old songs that are silly
• write your own parodies on something you see as quite strange
• watch an old comedy show or go to a play that is a comedy

The angels always let me know, when I haven’t smiled in a while, and when I am taking my life, too seriously. The show humor through songs, I may hear, and can relate to, or through print, or something I saw as I was driving to or from a destination. Sometimes, I will be reading, and I read something that is completely hilarious; and suddenly I feel better, and my energy has been brought to a lighter vibration
When stress gets to best of us, the angels will remind us to settle down, relax and to just live in the moment. I have found, that when we don’t take this time, we will be reminded, over and over, to take this time for ourselves.
The angels will help us, with recognizing the importance of taking care of ourselves. The thing is, we have to recognize their presence. The angels do believe in respecting our free will, of whether or not, we would like them to guide us in some way. Once we say, “Yes, please assist me.”, they will be there, for us, right away.
The angels that help us are the archangels and the angels. The archangels are the angels that work hard, at helping mankind on the earth plane. They each have specific specialties, or jobs, to help to heal, in so many, different ways. They are the healing angels for all of mankind. And they love to be of service to us. Many times, I will hear….

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Angelic Guidance for all

Peg Jones
Tonight I have asked the angels what they want to share with all of you. I have a few thoughts and so I am going to just share what they are, and what I feel the angels want to share with us on this.
The years, that I have worked with people, in offering angel readings, with or without cards, or mentoring through life and spiritual life coaching, I have come to see a few misconceptions other have, concerning what the angels are able to share with us. One of the biggest misconceptions is that the angels are fortune tellers and can predict the future.
The angels say this is very much a misunderstanding, of what their capabilities are. The say they will guide you, through a decision, or goal that you may have for yourself. They may bring you to the right people in your path, and they may share many insights through music and through the radio or television. They may bring you to people that you need to meet to help make your goal or a decision to come to fruition. However, it is up to us to notice, and see these signs, as we go through our day.
Not only will they help us reach our goals, they are also, our protectors and they are our healers, too. They will speak to us, through small warnings, such as we may hear “Slow Down” as we are driving in our car, or we may hear our name being called; when we know that no one is near us, or in our house. So as we start to notice the synchronicity within our lives, on a daily basis, we see that their protection and helping us on our path, is a way of empowering us to pay attention to the little things in our daily life. It’s almost as if they help to steer and empower us to do the next best thing and to hold onto the dream, or goal, we may want to have manifested. As psychics or intuitive and mediums we get these questions so many times,
”When will I get a job”?
“When will I start a relationship”?,
Which are pretty mainstream questions, as far as asking about the future.
As for the questions that are pretty mainstream, the answer I hear from the angels is, “What part have you taken to make this happen, and have you started to become empowered with a plan, to make this goal, or wish, or dream to come true? Or if it’s a question of persuing a relationship, that could be harmful for all parties, and is this a wise decision?
But then there have been times when someone, has asked something not too mainstream, such as:
“Will the married man that I work with, become my new boyfriend”?
As for a question like that, we hear and know this is not to be something of integrity or of good intention. As readers, we have the quandary of how to help the person to understand the harm, or lack of positive intention. We see this and we know the angels have a definite opinion on this, yet we have to be completely neutral. Many times I have felt I was being asked to say to the person, “You know what the truth, of the answer, of this situation, and you are wanting for me, the person doing this reading for you, to say its fine, go with your heart.” I am hearing that at this time that you do know the answer and of all of the implications of this decision, if you decide to go ahead with this decision.
The angels believe in free will and they will not interfere in any way, until we invite them into our life. A thought, I have and often say this to others, when coaching or doing an intuitive reading, is that when you have an intention or goal or wish, is to invite the angels to help you with this, as long as it is for your highest good. As you are doing the pondering and planning for your goal or decision and happy with your decision or goal then know the angels will help you in every way.
The angels talk a lot about prioritizing the goals of all we have for ourselves. So we have our goals and hopes and dreams. Sometimes all of what, we want to do, or have to do, can be very overwhelming for us. The angels ask us to prioritize all that we have to do. We can ask for assistance, for what needs to be accomplished, and how to prioritize all that we want to do. The angels ask us to always to understand, that when something we may want, doesn’t come to us in a timely manner, if it is for our highest good. They talk to us of Divine Timing and that Divine Timing is not our understanding of timing. They say there are many reasons for this, lack of patience and also and most importantly, is that there are parts of our journey that we have to fully understand.
When we are ready to move on, the milestone will be made. We can then, move on to the next part of our journey. They like to remind us of the aspects of the journey and events we experience each day. In that the goal is not as important as the experiences we encounter each day, through the people we meet and the synchronicity taking place toward our goal and dreams and decisions. When we have a decision to make and it’s very important to us to make this decision, the hardest part sometimes for many is making the actual decision, because we want to make the decision that is best for us. An example I can think of as far as myself is when I wanted to move back with my husband from where were living before. We hemmed we hawed with indecision for a few months. I looked to the pros and the cons of reasons for moving, or not moving back. Then I started sending out resumes, to the area we wanted to come back to. We started looking at places to live, in the area we were in and where we were thinking of moving back to. We weighed the pros and cons through this process and then in time we began to see exactly what we wanted to do. It was as if the decision was made for us within a few weeks. We made the decision to move back to our previous area and all came together, when the decision was finally made.
The angels say to make the decision and we, your angels will help the plans to come together.
In the time, I have been on my spiritual journey for the past ten years, I am amazed in the help we have available to us, within our universe. We have our guides, and we have our angels, and we have our animal totems and the elementals and of course our Source of all, whom we on the earth plane call GOD, Allah, Buddha, Great Spirit. We are never alone no matter how much we may feel this way at times. Sometimes it’s the pain we may be feeling or the loneliness we may be feeling, or anger or other things that may close us off from recognizing this reality of all in the universe to help us. We all want to be happy and empowered, and to live our life in a way that is positive and helping us to help others too. No man is an island we are all one and the angels want us to help us to help ourselves… For the angels or spirit to predict something in our life, is very difficult. We have free will as others do too. So much can happen. But one thing the angels do say and that is to know they want be there for us to help us to make the decisions we need to make and to help us to heal with all in the universe.
They also remind us that we are coming to remember why we are truly here and that we as humans all have the ability to develop our connections to all in the universe for this guidance.
Remembering and developing spiritually is a journey of a life time and we never stop learning. Milestones are made and we start on a new dream or path, each one building on the other, to help us to become who we truly are.
We all know there are many factors as to why we are all at different points of our spiritual path and awareness too. Some have this awareness all their lives. Others are just becoming aware, and that is fine too.
What I written about the angels can be said for in the universe, our guides, our loved ones, and all else there too. For me personally, I was introduced to the angels and guides and even loved ones at a time in my life when I was truly searching for answers. I have loved every moment of my spiritual journey, and I think every day, this is just the tip of the ice berg in my learning.
So in closing, I would like to say that our angels are not fortune tellers or predict the future as also our guides, loved ones, animal totems or our Higher Power or anyone else in our universe. They will help and guide and but will predict in anyway. And one fine message: enjoy the journey.

I am at The Healing Center on Tuesdays from 10-3 pm each week. I am hoping to offer a spiritual development class about all aspect in March. I will have more to say to about this class soon. If you have any questions about this class please call me at 978 532 0574. Drop in for a free 15 minute consult or call to arrange for a Soul Purpose reading on Tuesdays or on the phone or email too..


By Peg Jones

2014 has come and will be almost gone within 31 days. How has the year measured personally for you? Has it been the year you had hoped for? Did you reach your dreams or goals or did you generate new goals for yourself?
There is an angel card in the Doreen Virtue Archangel Oracle Deck that is called Life Review. I always find it interesting to take a life review at the end of each year. Asking the questions that were written above are good ones to think about. It helps you to see where you have gone and where you are headed for the next year.
The angels say that when we look back, on the years events, try not to look on the events of the year, as whether or not they were a good experience, or a bad experience. They suggest to look at the event as to what the amount of growth occurring in each even. Looking more deeply, with this question in mind, can help you to see, what the growth was, for you during the year.

For me, this year has been a year of interesting events, some which I will never forget. I have found over this year, that
my angels and higher power have truly helped me to see exactly, what I needed to learn and to experience. The one thing that I learned the most, is that if there is something I want to accomplish, all I have to do is imagine it to truly happen for me. I may not understand how it’s going to all play out, in the end, the main thing is to take the tiny steps of moving toward that goal, I have for myself. Once the intention is put out there, the universe and all there, to help me to make my dream become a big possibility for myself. We are truly co creators for what we want to happen in our own lives. As we look back we can notice who the people we met throughout our day, during this past year, in helping us to help our dream, become more clear The angels and all in our universe, ask us to notice the others signs, that let us know the universe is with us, on our path.. Noticing the synchronicity that happen daily, and the ideas that we may have that will validated by the different signs of the angels and guides throughout day.. Something we may hear or see, in listening to music or something we have just read in a book or magazine that may help us on our path.
With these tiny steps, that we take in helping to achieve our goals, we find that it does come together, in many different ways..We also find out if our idea or goal, was something that was worth in pursuing too. Evaluation is important, as we are walking our path, or striving for our dreams. We certainly want to be sure the dream or goal is truly valid and something that is truly in our favor, for it to turn into worthwhile goal. Many times our goal doesn’t materialize for us in the manner or in the time period, we would like it to happen in . Sometimes there are more important things we need to get out of the way, for it to truly be a part of our life. Another way of saying this is to understand that all happens on the earth plane is that the timing is not of our own earthly timing, It is of the universe timing or Divine timing.
The angels asked me to share this message for you from several of the Archangels.
”The years come, the years go. Each year is a year of new experiences and knowing that all will make sense, as the years, go by. Also, to understand that we all have different lessons to experience, and to know that each experience, is like a separate piece to the puzzle, of what we call life. To know that the lessons we are learning are lessons that were decided before our birth. They can go either way, with the intention of what is best for our soul, or the worst for our soul. This is because of our free will, that was given to all of us, when we came in this world. The paths that we walk are based, on so much, and when we understand our path, we can usually make the choices necessary for our soul’s experience. It’s not that we don’t know what our path is during our lifetime; it’s usually that we are remembering what we are here for. And when we come together and share ourselves, we do begin to remember what our true path is, and how to live out our life in a truly blessed way. Keeping a open mind of who you all are, and that not all are alike, yet you, are in so many different ways.. Accepting the differences and respecting of beliefs and values, can make life very enriching and interesting in so many ways. We ask each of you to look at the differences as a way to gain new knowledge, and to embrace the sameness of who are too.”

Wishing you all a blessed holiday season in the way you celebrate this time of the year. Happy New Year, to all.
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A 3 part teleseminar series : Understanding Your Angels

Happy Friday. I just wanted to share a teleseminar series I am offering on October 17 th…

A 3 part teleseminar series

Understanding your Angels

with Peg Jones, ALC

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Month 1: OCTOBER 17 8:00 PM est

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This week’s teleseminar, Peg will speak about how the angels encourage us to have a sense of humor, as we live each day. The angels talk about ways to lift up our spirits when our days are very difficult. They show us how we can do this, to keep ourselves from getting to serious about our lives. Even when life is very tense or troublesome that laughter can help to take the stress away for some time. The angels understand that we all have times that are difficult and they respect this very much. They also say we still need to laugh if only, for a minute… Join Peg tonight as she shares the angels viewpoint of laughter and humor. There will be a discussion following the talk.

Month 2: NOVEMBER 17 th 8:00 PM est

The 5 Keys to Angelic Empowerment

Peg will talk about how she discovered 5 keys to empowerment in working with the angels over the years. She shares that since working her angels, she found how the angels, encouraged her to go beyond, what she ever thought her life could be. The five keys are for all who are interested in working with the angels. Peg will encourage sharing after the tele seminar.

Month 3 : December 12

8:00 PM est

The 6 Keys to Living in the Heart Place

Hear what the angels have to say on these 6 keys. Peg will talk about how the heart place is a place of where there is joy, peace, love and how we sometimes don’t realize that this place exists. Also Peg talks about some ways that will tell us we are not living in our heart place too. Peg shares what the angels told her about these 6 keys to help us to stay in heart place much more consistently everyday of our lives.

…Discussion and questions after the talk.


A message to all Light workers from AA Michael

aa mich

Today is the feast of Archangel Michael. He is one of my favorite Archangels and he one of the Archangels, I work very closely with. He is the one I always ask to accompany me on a trip in the car, along with Archangels Gabriel, AA Raphael and Archangel Ariel. I always make sure AA Michael is in the in front passenger seat next me, as I am driving to my destination. Sometimes they speak to me and sometimes they don’t speak to me but I know they are with mei in the car. It is a feeling of safety and protection when they all accompany me. I look for the synchronicity in the time I spend driving and the messages I will receive in all that I see on my journey. It’s really quite amazing what I see . Tonight I was doing some research on the feast day and found out it was also Archangel Gabriel’s and Archangel Raphael’s feast day too.. Michelmas is what the feast day is called. The feast day is acknowledged in most Christian religions on this date. Other religions acknowledge Michael on other dates during the fall.
Archangel Michael is known is all the major religions: Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Greek and Russian Orthodox religions too. He is celebrated on this date because of his fight with standing up to Lucifer in a war in heaven. There are many versions to what the feast of Michaelmas was and still is.
In the past few years I have noted the day in offering an Archangel Michael meditation circle or messages from Archangel Michael.
So tonight I have asked Archangel Michael, what his message is to us tonight on the state of what is happening in our world today and the next few days.
So this is what he has shared with me tonight:
I am here tonight and assuring you that your safety is of apparent concern to all of us, in all realms of heaven and the universe. We ask you to be at peace and know we are here for your protection too. The negative forces that may on the earth plane is something we are taking care of and that we are helping to keep all to stay safe at all times. The negative forces will not win for the negative is not as big as they think they are. The light will always prevail in all areas of the world …..even when it seems not to be there.. Yes there is suffering but the light is beginning to shine on these places too… So please believe that we are here helping this to truly be and more noticeable as time goes on. So many see the light .. You see the light, the people reading, or hearing this message, see the light. Share this light with all you know and meet. Peace and love start in the home and with yourselves.. See the light that you are and all that is precious to you, right in this moment in time. The people you work with, the people you play with, the people who are closest to you. And of course yourself too. I am Michael and you are all precious to me . The light, shining tonight is bright and the beams of light that you send out in the different points of where you are situated, right at this moment, shine brightly to all. And they will feel this light as you now feel this light, tonight. I hear the pleas of all who ask for guidance and protection. The Source of all does too. No matter the back ground or belief or no belief I hear you and I say to you in this very moment to just ask for the help you need, and I will be there for you. Then feel this peace shown to you and know that I am here with you ….Also look for the synchronicity in your lives and know that I am helping you to know of my presence and of the other angels who can help you too. We are of love and you are too and know that the love has always been there. And soon it will be there for all to truly feel all that this love entails. And now I say to you, go in love and service to all you know… Smile to all you see and when they smile back you will know they see your light as bright as the sun.. I am Michael and thank you for the light that shines bright, when I see you in all your different locations on the earth plane..

Thank you AA Michael for this message today and I wish you a happy feast day and thank you for all you have done for all reading this today.
Michael is our Angel of protection of safety and protection and justice. His name means “like God”. He is the highest and closest Archangel to God.
What stories do you have in asking AA Michael for guidance or help? I would love to hear your experiences, if you have any to share. Be safe this next month and know that AA Michael is always close by.. You just have to ask him for help…

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Peg is at The Healing Center on Monday’s from 6:30 – 8:30 PM. We have a Meditation with the angels and Peg will also do angel intuitive readings at this time. You can call to inquire or set a time for a reading or angel message with Peg at 978-854-3577/ Peg is also available for life coaching or consult on Fridays from 3-5 pm. Or if you have an interest in learning about the angels, Peg can be free for consultation too.

Writing with the Angels

Writing with the Angels
By Peg Jones
The first I had heard about inspirational writing, was at a website, who offered a class in doing this.. We were brought through a visual meditation, and then we were to write with the intention that we were to write the words that our guides or spirit was telling us. We usually had about ten minutes to write all that we heard or sensed.
On this particular day, I wanted to hear a message from my angels for myself… So I wrote with the intention that I would be hearing from them.. I started to write and this is what I heard from the angels that afternoon.
“In listening to our words you are open to our thoughts in a way you never possible. We are always here by your side and we know that you listen to our words. Do not be afraid to write what you hear, for we are helping with this writing of inspiration. Listen to the silent whispers inside of you. What do you hear? What do you see? What do you feel? Do you feel our love for you? What do you hear? What do you see? What do you feel? Do you feel our love for you? Do you feel the silent whispers of our words to you, in a gentle way? Do you feel a peace when you know we are near? Be assured that we are always near, to guide and inspire. We want you to hear our words in the silence of your heart. Also to feel the peace that is there and to feel the calm, deep in with you”
The message that I had heard that day was so meaningful for me and I knew the angels wanted me to hear their words. It was an invitation in working with them and hearing the messages they wanted to share with me and to know they are genuine. The message is almost a primer for how we communicate with the angels. They talk about what do you hear, see, feel, and a knowing of when they are near. They were reassuring me that they were near in a most loving way. They were sharing with me the clairs. Something I already had knowledge about. The angels were speaking to me about how the use of our senses, of hearing, seeing, knowing, and feeling. When I speak of the clairs I am speaking of clair -audience, which is clear hearing, clairvoyance which is clear seeing. There is also clair sentience and that is clair feeling and clair cognizance is clear knowing. There are two more and they are ol factory which is smells and clair gustance which is tasting. I felt their love so deeply and know changes would be taking place in my life.
Over the next few years I had offered a few classes in inspirational writing and then wanted to make it more specific in Writing with the angels. I also took a few classes from Trudy Griswold who also wrote a book Angelspeake. And this speaks of what I already knew but also helped me to focus on how I wanted to teach this class.
I wanted to speak of how the angels communicated with us as I felt this is the most important concept to understand. I use a lot of visual meditation in helping to bring u to a place of where the angels are. . We then usually share the experiences of the meditation, if so inclined to. Then we ask a question of the angels having to do with the meditation and connection.. One of the most basic ways and Trudy speaks of this is to focus on a word that is spiritual. Asking the angels what they would like to speak to you at this time about Love or peace joy etc.
Dear angels what do you want to tell me today about Love. You would be so surprised what you receive in doing this exercise. It’s the asking of your higher spirit to do the writing and in doing that the angels are right there, speaking their truth of what love is for you in a personal or it could what love is on world view, with a message for the world. Another way that I help others to connect is to connect with a particular angel or archangel. The archangels have specialties that can be of help and comfort to us and to others. For example, Archangel Raphael is the Archangel of Healing for self and others and works with doctors, nurses, healers in the work that they do.. Asking AA Raphael what he thinks about love would be a much different perspective that Archangel Michael. As we get to know the angels and their specialties we get the different perspectives of our angels in their messages for us whether they are personal or for everyone.
I have learned too, is that there doesn’t necessarily have to be a specific angel. You can write, Dear angels, what can u tell me about this or that …… We were all born with this gift of communicating with our angels. Everyone has this skill it just wasn’t developed, because of our beliefs given to us or just not realizing we can do this.
Another fun exercise is to write a letter to the angels or one specific angel and then write back from the perspective of the angels. This again is tapping our higher self’s perspective. Doing this a few times a week and keeping it in a journal is a wonderful way to keep your writing safe and in one place..
The experience of connecting with our angels is truly a wonderful experience. We get so caught up in our daily duties as mom, wife, neighbor, and co-worker. Sometimes we feel stuck, or trapped or we feel there more to life then what it is like now. It is like a yearning of some sort and when we feel that yearning it is usually spiritual connection of some sort. We forget about the spiritual connections that we have, because of our everyday activities.
Dr Wayne Dyer has spoke of this quote by, Telhard de Chardin , in the past many times, and this took me a long to understand and comprehend this statement,
“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
So go to your heart place and hear the words of your angels, and all in the universe, know that the love they have for you is always there. They truly want us to feel and know this connection.. To know that our spiritual connections are there for us to access is such a wonderful feeling and so very empowering for us as humans. We lose sight of this fact many times because of the nature of who we think we are while we are here on this wonderful planet called earth.
As I was writing this, article the angels have let me know that they have a short message to share with all who are reading this article.

“In letting go of the fears that may be holding you back in some way, know that we, your angels are there for you to help guide you in your path and purpose. Love is the strongest emotion that binds everyone together and to understand that your love for all that you know is what will empower you to stay on your path. Let love be the one thing you strive for in all that you do and you will feel the peace the joy of all that you want for your life. We love you always.”
So I wish you joy in your journaling with the angels and also the path you are walking on right at this moment of time. The angels ask me to remind you of the uniqueness you possess is your gift to the world. And they also ask to never lose sight of who you truly are!

Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael. By Peg Jones

Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.
Angels are around you and keeping you calm. Angels are helping you to feel the peace within your heart. Let the angels take care of your worries and let them help to show you the way to positive outcomes. When the angels guide you to safety and peace know that Archangel Michael is there for you, along with your guardian angel. Archangel Raphael is with you also. He is helping you to heal the pain that is in your heart and he will replace the pain with unconditional love and healing.
Archangel Michael is the angel of protection and safety. He will guard you from people that may be negative or unkind you. He keep you safe from harm when traveling and when dealing with a sticky situation. He is the highest archangel and closest to God. His name means “Like God” He come to you immediately when you call on him for help. He is also the angel that works with policeman as a he is the protector of mankind. There is such a peaceful, knowing when he is around you. You feel his love around you in a very profound way.
Archangel Raphael is the angel that helps us with healing, whether is personal or in being a channel of healing for others. He will be there helping you to heal, giving you guidance whether it’s for yourself or others. His presence is very powerful yet not as powerful as Archangel Michael’s energy. It’s a bit softer yep very strong too.
When asking for guidance from these two angels, in your mind ask for their presence individually or together. I know that many times they do appear or work together. They make a good team and a sense of peace and calmness can take place.
Another way to communicate with AA Michael and AA Raphael is to write to them, and ask the questions that you may have for them. Then after you have written to them about what is on your mind you can write a letter back as if it was from them. You will be surprise what you may receive in doing this exercise.
The angels want to help and guide anyway they can. They do believe in freewill, so they will respect your wishes if you do not want their help.
Peg is at The Healing Center on Monday Nights from 6:30 to 8:30 and there will be a Archangel Circle from 7- 8pm each Monday Night. Peg is also at the center on Fridays from 2pm to 5 pm.. Drop in for a consult or angel life coaching.

Writing with the Angels Class starting February

Peg is going to be running an Writing with the Angels Class starting February 4 at 6:30 for five weeks. The class will help you to contact your Guardian angels and also the Archangels. Each week we will have a different writing exercise and learn about different angels of interest to you. Please join us each week. Call to reserve a seat for the class. 978-532-0574 Fee will be 15.00 per class. Make sure you bring a journal and a pen for the class.

January 28th we will have an Archangel Circle and Archangel Jopheil is the angel we will be speaking about and doing a meditation with.The circle will begin at 6:30 and a $10-15 donation is fine. You can call to reserve a seat or just drop in at the time of the circle begins.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am in The Healing Center on Mondays from 2;30 -7:30. If you like to set up a Angelic life coaching consultation for another time let me know and will make an attempt to arrange this. You can check out my website too

Monday, January 14, 2013

Peg Jones Angelic Life Coach, will be having open consulting sessions, from 12:30 to 5:30. Come and stop in to the center to find out about up coming class es that Peg plans to offer. At 4:00pm, Peg will offer an Archangel Circle, to anyone that can drop by for an hour or so.

January 28th, Peg will be offering an Archangel Circle for 6:30 pm and also an introduction to writing with the angels class that will be starting the next week at 4pm. February 4th.

Starting in February, Peg will be offering Writing with the Angels at 4 pm each monday. Come join us as we write our messages our angels share with us. If interested call Peg, to save a spot. There will be a ten person limit, so save your seatfor the class. The first class will start February 4 th at 4:00pm. Donation 20.00. call at 978-532-0574

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