Katherine Oregel,
Reiki Master Teacher & RYT 200


(pronouns: she/her)
For nearly 6 years I was part of the world of home health care as both a Certified Nursing Assistant and an Administrative Assistant/Scheduler. As much as I loved certain aspects of this work, I knew it wasn’t fulfilling me in the way that I truly needed it to.

I began my journey into Reiki in 2013 by taking Reiki 1 with Joanna Scaparotti at The Healing Center after seeking out something to complement my Yoga practice. I immediately fell in love with this method of energy healing and felt called to continue the path. I completed Reiki 2 as well as Reiki Master & Teacher courses, also with Joanna, determined to one day open my own business offering and teaching Reiki to others.

In August of 2015, the Universe placed an opportunity in my lap that I hadn’t even known I was waiting for. I purchased The Healing Center and took over ownership from Joanna, and since then it has grown and evolved alongside me as I’ve navigated the sometimes severe ups and downs of my life. To broaden my experience and delve deeper into my passion for Yoga, I enrolled in a 200 hour teacher training instructed by Marc St. Pierre through Yoga Sakti in Salem that finished in 2018, and it has been such a joy to add Yoga offerings to The Healing Center.

I practice yoga, meditation, veganism, and sobriety in my personal daily life in addition to Reiki. I firmly believe in the power of both energy and movement as instruments for healing and I believe that they should be as accessible and inclusive as possible. Overall I try to live a well balanced life, and use my skills to help others!


-200 hour RYT (w/ Jennifer Williams through JOY Wellness Yoga and Healing): 2020

-Teaching Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Training (w/ Susan Lovett through Hands to Heart Center) : 2019

-Restorative Yoga Teacher Certification (w/ Cyndi Lee through Yoga International) : 2019

-200 hour CYT (w/ Marc St. Pierre through Yoga Sakti) : 2018

-Reiki Master Teacher Certification (w/ Joanna Scaparotti) : 2015

-Reiki Level II Certification (w/ Joanna Scaparotti) : 2013

-Reiki Level I Certification (w/ Joanna Scaparotti) : 2013

Podcast Appearances

The Wardrobe Muse: Episode 3 – July 8, 2019

Happy Hunters: Episode 16 – September 17, 2019

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“I have thoroughly enjoyed all the work I’ve done with Katherine! Her reiki has been wonderful, relaxing, and it made me feel so good to have someone just hold that space for me! Her yoga instruction is gentle enough for anyone and she’s happy to modify which makes it non intimidating! She’s a warm, caring woman with a big heart and I highly recommend her!”
– Jamie E.

“I just finished my Reiki 1 Certification with Katherine Oregel, Reiki Master Teacher at the Healing Center. This was a wonderful experience. Katherine has a gentle, knowledgeable and kind teaching style. I can not wait to continue my Reiki classes with Katherine.”

– Susan A.

“Taking Reiki 1 with Katherine was a very dynamic experience, she is a wonderful teacher that never works from a place of ego, she is authentic, compassionate, and open. She lets the Reiki speak for itself. My experience involved much growth and self reflection, and it was a blessing to have a woman such as Katherine be my guide.”

– Kristen S.

“Katherine O is my Reiki provider and she is excellent both as a human being and as a provider. The service of Reiki is key in keeping me healthy. I have grown to know Katherine in this capacity but also as an over all woman in business and collaborated with her on my own growing small business. It’s great to do business with local providers and to help each women grown their own small business. Shop small, shop local.”
Lisa Ann S.

“Before I met Katherine, I had only experienced one reiki session before. Katherine took me from extreme beginner to a confident reiki student. She catered the course to my personal needs and pace, while guiding me through the learning process. I learned so much about reiki, from the history of it, to how to perform it on myself, to how to give it to others! It was a life changing experience. Katherine’s patience with me was amazing! I will definitely be back to continue on to reiki ll.”
– Alyssa F.

“I have received Reiki from Katherine over the years. I first became acquainted with her at the monthly Reiki community clinics. Katherine will make you feel centered. After a session with her, I feel great inner peace and calm.”

– Iani M.