Let’s Talk About Self Worth

What do a Reiki Master/Yoga teacher and Personal Stylist have in common (aside from both being fabulous, I mean)? Unfortunately the answer is that in both professions the issue of low self worth is common in clients. Body image woes seem to plague people from the Yoga mat to the closet and everywhere in between.

After diving deep at our Know Your Worth Workshop my dear friend and colleague Lisa Ann Schraffa Santin invited me on her podcast The Wardrobe Muse to continue our conversation on this topic.

Listen to the episode here.

Lisa and I are teaming up again to offer the workshop a second time on Sunday September 15th, and this time around we have added Jennifer Stevens to bring some massage and aromatherapy into the mix.

An official announcement with more details will be released soon, but for now you can plan to join us and block that Sunday off on your calendar. We’ll chat, we’ll journal, we’ll meditate, we’ll get some well deserved Reiki and massage, and we’ll empower each other in the process.




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