Space: Creating It

At the end of last year (is it just me or does it always feel weird to call it “last year” when it was only a few days ago?) I felt the theme of “creating space” arrive in my life. Or, more accurately, I belatedly acknowledged its relentless presence. It had presented itself to me over and over in different ways for months, maybe even years, until I eventually managed to connect the dots (at which point the Universe was probably thinking “ugh, FINALLY.”)

After getting a Thai massage from a good friend of mine, she and I were talking about the practice of cupping therapy and how she was about to add it to her services at her business. She described a pain she had been experiencing for weeks on end that nothing seemed to remedy, despite repeated attempts at all sorts of wellness modalities. Finally, she decided to try cupping for this particular issue. It worked immediately. IMMEDIATELY, FOLKS. Why did it work? Because the cupping method created space for the healing to take place. That had been the problem. Her body just needed a little room to get maybe some oxygen or better circulation to that spot (who knows what the exact problem was) and the cup and its process provided that. It was then that I finally had my “a-ha” moment (or rather my, “OHHHHH, duh” moment) and recognized this theme of space that had been popping up so much.

After someone experiences a Reiki session with me for the first time, I always mention that they should be mindful of the fact that they may feel things a little more deeply than usual; this is due to the fact that things are trying to clear on out. Anything that is no longer serving them makes its way out, in order to make room for the Reiki to take its place and do its thing. It’s hard for anything positive to happen in an environment full of unfavorable feelings, energy, or mindsets. In yoga, one particular lesson I gained a lot of knowledge from during teacher training was how to utilize space in the physical body while in asana. For example, setting yourself up for ustrasana (camel pose) then bowing your chin toward your chest and rounding your back. Once you have done this, you’ve now created this space to open up into. Doing this over and over and bending back a little more each time is how I enter into many heart opening poses now, because it works for me every single time. It allows me the space I need to ease into the pose mindfully and safely. Or if I feel a pinch in my hip during a pose like anjaneyasana (crescent lunge), I know that I need to create some space there by adjusting my body differently to remedy that discomfort or pain. See where I’m going with this? 

After I had really grasped this idea, I took a little stroll down memory lane in my head and recalled so many instances throughout my life in which I could have saved myself (or someone else) a lot of pain had I only allowed for some space. Even small issues could have gone another way if I’d created some distance from them and looked at them from a different perspective for a moment. Ah, hindsight. Again: space!

I readily admit that this is not earth-shattering news, but coming to terms with this personally has been a true eye opener and it has led me to approach situations differently now and going forward. Knowing I can apply this concept into virtually any circumstance gives me hope that I’ll be better prepared for things now–“things” referring to just, you know, absolutely anything and everything I may encounter on a daily basis during this journey around the sun. “Just throw some space at it and everything will all work out!” Just kidding it’s not that easy, but I do think I’ve discovered a tool that I should have been making use of long ago. I’m almost scared to see what new awareness I’ll come to know in another 32 years…hopefully I’ll catch on a little quicker next time.



3 thoughts on “Space: Creating It

  1. “It’s hard for anything positive to happen in an environment full of unfavorable feelings, energy, or mindsets.” I’m really feeling this right now. For a long time, I’ve been of the mindset that certain things will only work if I work and work and work at them, essentially forcing them into existence. But this has made me think that maybe a little space could go a long way.

  2. It just might! I have done the same thing in terms of trying to force something, and learned the hard way that I needed to give some breathing room. If you throw some space at whatever you’re working through I hope it helps!

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