Recharge (with Style)

Let’s try an experiment.

I want you to look at the word I’m about to write, and take note of what first comes to mind when you see it. Ready? 

This magical word is: self-care

What did you see? Did you envision yourself getting a pedicure, reading a book in the bath with lit candles around it, or maybe getting a luxurious massage? In this day and age, the term “self-care” is often synonymous only with activities such as those…but why?! Those are all fantastic examples of self-care (I would practically kill for some alone time to read a book without constant interruption), but let’s not forget that tending to the needs of your body and mind can also just mean closing the bathroom door on your kid so you can pee in peace for once, or choosing not to answer any of those 57 emails until tomorrow when you’re ready to, or even as simple as taking a few deep, cleansing breaths. At the end of the day, the act of taking care of ourselves comes in many shapes and forms. It’s about creating a sacred space for you to cultivate healing of your mind, body and soul, whatever that may look like.

Being that The Healing Center is all about Reiki and Yoga (two more self-care practices to add to the list!) it makes sense that I would feature them often in my writings, but today I wanted to highlight something different. My friend and colleague Lisa Ann Schraffa Santin is a wardrobe stylist on the North Shore, and what she does for women falls smack dab in the middle of the self-care spectrum, and Lisa has been practicing her own self-care for nearly two decades. As she and I are collaborating on a workshop together next month (details here) I’ve asked her to share some insight on her line of work and its correlation to preserving our mental and physical well-being, and how it all ties together with Reiki and Yoga in our upcoming workshop. Enjoy!

My main goal has always been to bring out the joy, the fun, the creativity and the personality in each and every one of my clients: I want their style to reflect their authentic self! Whether it is whimsical, sassy, quirky, preppy or a little Annie Hall with a dash of Anna Wintour, I want to get to know them deep down to their very core. Each of us has a gift: a story, and I want to unlock them all. On top of that, I want my clients to rock their stories!


Our clothing and our style can tell a story; this is where self-care comes into play. It is difficult to find the joy and the fun inside ourselves if we are consumed by stressors from the outside world, or perhaps even inside our own personal worlds.  I want to create a safe space within each woman where they can feel secure in their bodies, their age, their size, their skin color, their budget. A place where women will feel beautiful and confident in their clothes, and in their authentic style! This starts with mindfulness and self-care.

Many of us can remember a time or two in a dressing room where we felt discouraged, or body shamed due to the unrealistic expectations that society has placed on girls and women over the past 60 years.  That part of us that may have suffered as a child or an adult can still be inside us, making clothes shopping painful. My goal is to create a space where we can have a better relationship with our wardrobe. Through vision board exercises with Pinterest during the workshop, we will change the way we think about our clothes, our style, and our wardrobe. With the addition of Reiki and Yoga, I want to help each one of my clients to find that sacred, quiet, loving, and still space, so that together we can reach down deep to find our unique, creative self…a place where, together, we can turn vision boards into reality, and heal and calm our busy minds in the process.

Helping my clients find their style while practicing self-care brings me tremendous joy. I hope you will join us.

Yoga Meets Style Workshop

Saturday, September 15, 2018
Investment is $30, with 50%  donated to Compassionate Care ALS of Falmouth MA
• Pre-registration is required, and space is limited! Please click here to sign up, or to learn more

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