The Countdown

I am a note taker. I am constantly, CONSTANTLY, writing myself notes or creating “to-do” lists (of important tasks for a particular day, or goals I hope to reach but with no set due date). The first weekend of May was the second to last one of my 200 hour yoga teacher training, and a couple of my classmates were unable to attend. One of them reached out to me and asked if I’d share my notes with her afterward, so at the end of the day on both Saturday and Sunday I happily wrote out a lengthy email full of information I had managed to hurriedly jot down in between poses. Seeing all of it typed out like that, with any gaps being filled in by my own perspective or understanding on the topics, made me realize that this is actually happening. I am VERY close to being certified to teach people yoga, and that is both exhilarating and terrifying.

The main reason that I (and probably the majority of people on this same path) decided to sign up for YTT was my strong desire to share my love of yoga. Just to share the passion, and hope that maybe it sparked some interest in someone else. I attended my first yoga class somewhere around 2008/2009, and practiced infrequently for a few years, but it really wasn’t until 2013 that it became a bigger part of my life. That was the same year that I discovered Reiki and took the level one class with Joanna (the previous owner of The Healing Center). At the time I just wanted to use the class as a way to supplement my yoga practice somehow, but I ended up putting my focus mainly on Reiki after I became so captivated by the idea that I could help people help themselves if I continued on to become a Master Teacher.

Thoughts on Nearing the End of 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Willow was born in 2014, and slowly but surely after that, my attention turned back to yoga. Just like with Reiki, I felt a growing urge to share it with others. I was benefiting from yoga so much (physically, mentally, spiritually) and I knew that there must be people out there who could gain just as much from the practice, if not more. I have met many individuals that claim they are “not flexible enough” for yoga, or that they can’t even touch their toes, so yoga must  be out of the question for them. I am so hoping that I can change a few minds. Yoga is so much more than a physical practice. Yoga is for everyone and every body, and I think right now that’s definitely not widely understood or accepted.

So now, here I am. About to be handed a piece of paper that claims I know shit…and I think I do! I certainly don’t know it all (and obviously never will, but I think that’s a good thing because who wants the burden of knowing literally everything?), but I believe I have an incredible foundation already. I will forever be a student, and this is not the only teacher training that I plan to complete. I want to be constantly learning, constantly growing. In 2013, I had no idea that two years from then I would come to own The Healing Center, or that five years from then I would become a yoga teacher. Life can be strange and wonderful like that.


One more weekend to go!

Until then,





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