From 10/5/2015:

Nice to meet you!

For those that are not already aware, I have taken over the reigns of The Healing Center from Joanna. I am so happy to announce that THC will remain in Beverly, at 83 Cabot Street. Within the next couple of weeks I will be planning a casual “open house” event to allow everyone to stop by and see the space, become familiar with it’s new location, and hopefully leave/pick up a little positive energy there. I want to briefly share how this wonderful place came to be mine.

On August 10th of this year, my world as I knew it changed. I learned something that altered my life in endless ways. It was only a few hours into that emotional trauma that I was suddenly overcome with thoughts of The Healing Center, and whether or not Joannawas still trying to find a buyer. I decided to follow where my mind led me. I contacted Joanna via email and waited to hear that she had already sold it, or changed her mind, or something else that would force me to forget about the whole thing. Instead, she informed me that her original buyer had fallen through, leaving The Healing Center still available. From there I began the journey into business ownership.

This incredible opportunity presented itself to me at a time when I truly needed to finally focus my energy elsewhere: somewhere that would benefit others and help me heal in the process. I hope to offer the same gentle presence and positivity that Joanna maintained these past several years. This is the beginning of a new era for both The Healing Center and myself, and I look forward to sharing my experiences and learning from all of you along the way.

I so appreciate the patience granted to me as I continue to update the website and other social media sites. Please stay tuned for information about other offerings and practitioners that are soon to come!


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