Oops! The links are working now.

           Our apologies for so many emails in your mailbox today.  Use the updated contact links below.  

           Happy May!  The beginning of wonderful weather and beautiful flowers!  New beginnings – this is the theme for all of us here at The Healing Center this spring!  Beth is celebrating a new grandson, Joanna is starting a new job in Boston, Jill is completing her Masters program in Energy Medicine, and Christine is furthering her education in Mindfulness Studies. 

           The Healing Center is also making a transition. A very important change for you to be aware of is that beginning June 1, if you want to receive information on specials or events being offered by any of our practitioners, you must sign up for their individual mailing lists (See links below). This will be in lieu of receiving emails from “The Healing Center”. Though our contact methods will  be changing, you will still find Christine, Jill, and Joanna inside The Zeitgeist Gallery in Studio 18!  

        We thank you for helping us make this change. 



For Reiki sessions, Reiki Shares, Reiki Refresher workshops, our Reiki Clinic, Reiki Certification classes, as well as Private Reiki Master Certifications and Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeships, and gift certificates:

Contact Reiki Master Teacher Joanna Scaparotti at 978-338-4326 or info@joannascaparotti.com
 Learn more about Joanna at her website: www.joannascaparotti.com
To receive Joanna’s newsletters: type in subject : “I want to join your mailing list” at: info@joannascaparotti.com


For Healing Touch sessions, Introduction to Energy Meditation workshops, Female Energy Healing Clinics, Energy Meditation 101 classes as well as Intuitive Reading/Counseling Sessions to help you clear out old energy patterns and get a fresh start:

Contact Level 3 Healing Touch and Intuitive Practitioner Jill Alexander at 617-784-8298 or jill@energywellnessne.com
Learn more about Jill at her website: www.energywellnessne.com
To receive Jill’s newsletter: type in subject : “I want to join your mailing list” at: jill@energywellnessne.com


For a Mindful Reiki session, weekly meditation practice circle, or to learn more about Metta Meditation through workshops, classes, or private instruction:

Contact Christine at christine@themindfulgallery.com or 508-934-6040
Learn more about Christine at her website: themindfulgallery.com
To receive Christine’s newsletter: Type in subject “I want to join your mailing list” at: Christine@themindfulgallery.com



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