Special rates: 45 minutes/$40.00 or 75 minutes/$60.00

Are you sick of winter? Do you feel frustrated, cranky, anxious or sluggish? Let’s give your system a spring cleaning and shake out that heavy winter energy.   Our Reiki session will help you breakthrough to that spring awakening that you’re craving and bring you renewed inspiration, joy and hope .

Appointments available on Sundays – Thursdays
Email to schedule your session.


Special rate: 60 minutes /$55.00

     Having recently completed the Level 3 of Healing Touch, you can be assured of Healing Touch wonderful experience with Jill.  So, spring into a healthier season and make your appointment today!
     Healing Touch is the ONLY nationally certified energy healing modality. It is taught in 30 countries, used in numerous hospitals and has the most substantial body of research supporting it. HT can be used for: Stress and Anxiety Reduction; Pain Relief; Immune System Support; Balance with emotional issues; and Fun & Relaxation!  

Make your appointment at  or 617-784-8298


Special rates: 30 minute$30 or  60 minutes for $55  

Want to feel like you’re outside under the stars during your Reiki treatment?  Well, at the Healing Center we’ve brought in a laser star projector, an electric fireplace, nature sounds and some hot chocolate to simulate an outdoor campfire feel.  This is a big hit with our Thursday night meditation group. Come experience a bit of the cosmos for an “outta this world” Reiki experience!

Contact or 508-934-6040 to reserve the table.


ANIMAL REIKI TRAINING: special rates available
Kat Forgacs,  Reiki Master Teacher of Sourcing the Sacred with BLISS Reiki  and Certified as a Teacher of Reiki and Animal Reiki by Kathleen Prasad of Animal Reiki Source will be offering two tracks for Animal Reiki Training  at The Healing Center in March.

Those holding Reiki certifications and registering for both TRACK ONE practicums,  (Animal Reiki for those with Level 1 Reiki certification AND Animal Reiki for those with Level 2 Reiki certification) are eligible for a discount.

Shelter workers and veterinarians who enroll in TRACK TWO (which includes Reiki One certification training by Kat Forgacs in conjunction with Animal Reiki 1 -session two) are also eligible for a discount.

For more information about Animal Reiki classes at The Healing Center, go to: and scroll down to Animal Reiki Training.

Or email Kat at for details.

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