Next Energy Meditation 101 Class Begins March 2!

Everything you experience is preceded by a vibration of energy!

Do you find that you struggle to create what you want in your life, be it financial security, health and well-being, validating relationships, or clarity and ease because you’ve given away your energy–physically and emotionally–but don’t know how to get it back?!   Learn how to create fulfillment and dreams with more fun and less effort!

Energy Meditation 101 is a 6-week class of playful, practical, and powerful tools that will teach you how to work with energy. The tools taught in this class are based on unique meditation, intuitive development, and guided imagery techniques and can be applied in all areas of your life–from work and relationships to health and home–and used to grow your awareness and understanding.

Week 1: Learn what energy is, how to release the energy you don’t want like stress, pain, and invalidation–and call back your unique vibration of energy. We’ll learn a powerful tool for releasing energy out of our bodies and environments.

Week 2: Learn about your body’s energetic system and how to tap into a key intuitive ability that will help you create and change energy.

Week 3: Learn about two very dynamic and safe energies that can be used to heal your body and energy system.

Week 4: Learn a tool for creating energetic boundaries and keeping out unwanted energy.

Week 5: Learn a simple and fun tool for creating different energetic vibrations.

Week 6: Learn a dynamic tool that enables your body and energetic system to work together to easily create your dreams and goals.

Class Dates: Mondays, March 2nd – April 6th

Class TIme: 7:00 – 9:30 pm



Please email: JILL@ENERGYWELLNESSNE.COM to register. 

Class space is limited and registration has begun!

 Jill Alexander is a Intuitive Healer, Advanced Reiki 2 Practitioner, Energy Meditation Teacher; and Healing Touch Practitioner at The Healing Center.


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