New Course For Reiki Students and Practitioners

4-week  Mindfulness Class for Reiki Students and Practitioners 
with Christine Eaton, Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master
Saturdays, February 21 & 28 and March 7 & 14 from 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Mindfulness is active awareness of the present moment. Practicing mindfulness regularly has numerous health benefits and, as a Reiki practitioner, being in a mindful state while giving Reiki allows you to be a more open channel for this energy. When you are observing your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions rather than allowing them to take over (monkey mind), it creates a healing space within you. The (energetic) communication between Reiki and your client is more fully understood.

The course will focus on each of the following areas:
                          Brief history and science behind mindfulness
                          Learning and practicing the basic mindfulness techniques while giving yourself Reiki through the
                                 breath, body/chakra scanning, compassion building or loving kindness (metta)
                          Practice giving Mindful Reiki to each other
                          Mindfulness for your clients during Reiki sessions

Any Reiki level is welcome.
Cost: $150 ($125 for those who have taken the Intro workshop)
Payment must be received to secure your spot.

Contact or 508-934-6040 to register.


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