Pay it forward, help 2 sisters have a nice holiday this year!

We signed up to adopt a family through Beverly Bootstraps again this year. We had so much fun putting together gifts last year for a family with two little boys. We have a new family this year.

FAMILY BIOGRAPHY: B and her husband are working hard to provide for their two daughters. A is 12 years old and in the 7th grade. She would like ITunes gift card, nail polish kits/ makeup set, movie passes or a GameStop or Best Buy Gift card. She is in need of jeans or school pants and is a size 11 in junior’s pants and shoe size 9 women’s. K is 10 and is in the 5th grade. She is into arts and crafts, nail polish and make up and would enjoy getting a doll from the movie Frozen or books. She is also in need of some shirts and pants, she is a size XL girls and a women’s shoe size 6. The family is very grateful for your help that you are able to provide this holiday season.

In addition to any of these items mentioned above, we also would like to contribute wrapping paper / bags, tape, and some grocery and/or restaurant gift certificates for Mom and Dad.

If you’d like to contribute, send Joanna a quick email at to sign up. That way we don’t have multiples of the same thing. All gifts must be unwrapped and gift receipt or note of value included for Beverly Bootstraps donation records.

Deadline for gifts is at the Reiki Share 7-9pm on Monday, December 1st. Thank you!

Thank you!

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