Happenings June 9 – 16, 2014

004We are so excited about the warm air and sunshine after the long, cold winter and spring, and we know you are too! We are planning to take it easy over the next couple months by scheduling less events and classes.  We know you want to be outside soaking up the sights, smells and sounds of summer as much as possible, and so do we.  Sessions with your favorite practitioner will always be available when you need them, however!  


Jill’s New Offering and Special 
Jill Alexander is now offering Healing Touch sessions in June with an introductory price of $40 for one hour sessions. Healing Touch is a gentle, energy-based approach to health and healing. The goal is to restore harmony and balance to the human energy system through a heart-centered caring relationship and the use of contact/non-contact touch. This can greatly assist the body and mind in its natural ability to heal. Healing Touch is an evidence-based practice that is supported by scientific study and is the only nationally certified energy healing modality.  It can be used for:  Stress and Anxiety Reduction, Pain Relief, Immune System Support and/or to Assist the body in finding balance with emotional issues. 
Contact Jill at 617-784-8298 or jill@energywellnessne.com to schedule your session.
Linda’s Summer Early Morning Special
Linda Scott can help you relax with massage, reiki, integrated reflexology, polarity or a combination of all .  She is available for sessions at time mutually agreeable to both of you.  If you are a morning person she has a special for you!  Tis that time of the year when the Sun rises early and so don’t we! For the Summer months – June, July, August – book your Reiki, Reflexology or Chair massage 1/2 hr sessions between 7 – 8:30 a.m. Monday – Saturday and take $10 off the regular price of $35/30min!  What a way to start your work day – DESTRESSED!  
Contact Linda Scott, LMT, RM  by voice/text at 978-290-6755.  
Email at linda.scott.namaste@gmail.com or www.ikneadyoursoles.com
Learn more about Linda and her practice at: www.ikneadyoursoles.com
Joanna’s Specials
Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to fill your heart with the joy and laughter of this season. If you aren’t feeling uplifted and instead find yourself cranky, stressed or anxious – a guided Reiki session with Joanna can help you rekindle your inner joy in a 45 or 75 minute session. ($45 / $70)  Nourish your heart and soul by booking a weekend or evening session with Joanna at info@joannascaparotti.com or 978-338-4326.  
* In addition to her reiki practice, Joanna offers professional development for Reiki practitioners and classes for those who wish to become reiki certified.  Save $25 by registering, in advance  on Joanna’s website for her Reiki 1 or Reiki 2 Certifications classes at:
 Learn more about Joanna and her practice at: www.joannascaparotti.com



JUNE  9 – 16, 2014

     “New to Reiki” Open House 5-7:00 p.m.  Are you new to Reiki? Do you have questions about how Reiki works and what a session is like? Do you wonder what’s involved in the certification process? Bring your questions and get them all answered at this open house with Reiki Master Teacher Joanna Scaparotti. This open house is free and open to all curious!
      Archangel Meditation Circle 7 -8:00 p.m.
Learn about a different Archangel each week then be brought through a visualization to meet the angels. Bring your questions, too, as a part of each circle is set aside for asking questions and discussing the angels and your ability to communicate with the them. RSVP Peg Jones at 978-854-3577.
     Reiki and Healing Share ~ Summer Hours  7 – 9:00 p.m.  Ease your way back into the work week with great company and relaxation. Come share Reiki together after dinner. Reiki Practitioners of all levels are welcome to this healing circle & Reiki share. $10 or $5.00 with a food bank donation.   
RSVP for the Reiki Share to Joanna at 978-338-4326 or info@joannascaparotti.com.  
NOTE:  If there are no RSVPs received by 5:00 p.m. on the Monday of a share, the share will be cancelled.
     REIKI I CLASS continues each Tuesday evening from 6 – 7:15 p.m. through July 22.  Students will participate in the student Reiki clinic on July 15.  For more information about future Reiki 1  classes, private or group, go to: http://joannascaparotti.com/services/reiki-1-certification
     Consults and Appointments with Peg Jones, Angelic Life Coach  On Tuesday afternoons from noon- 3:00 p.m Peg is available for 15 minute consults to help you learn how the angels can help you through spiritual mentoring, if you have questions about angels or others aspects of spirituality, or to learn about her Life Coaching sessions. Let her know you are interested in stopping by for a free consult because she also provides Life Coaching and Intuitive Readings on Tuesday afternoons. To schedule your free consult, or to make an appointment for Life Coaching or an Intuitive Reading contact Peg at 978-854-3577  or peg@pegsangelicwhispers.com 
Learn more about Peg and her practice at: www.pegsangelicalwhispers.com 
     Wednesday Meditation Circle After Work  NOTE TIME:  5:30 – 6:45 p.m.   Join us for  “Mindfulness Practice” (with tea and treats) with Christine Gillis.   Relax, Detach, Heal & Balance Yourself With a Mindful Mind!  Through mindfulness you can increase the capacity of your body and mind by taking this very simple practice and allowing it to transform your relationship with yourself, others, thoughts, and situations. To help us along, teas and treats will be available 🙂  $10 or bring a food donation for $5.  Chairs will be provided but bring your own cushions, blankets, backjacks, etc. if you prefer.  Our time together will consist of: a brief reading from a mindful text or article;mindfulness practice (10 minutes); brief check in; mindfulness practice (20 minutes); tea and goodie break, then close with a brief metta (loving kindness) meditation.  RSVP Christine at 508-934-6040 or christinegillis@gmail.com.
 Beginners are welcome but please note this is a practice but not a class. If you are interested in a 4-wk Introduction to Mindfulness course please call or email Christine for more details at 508-934-6040 or christinegillis@gmail.com


* Sign up now to reserve your spot for The Healing Center’s monthly Reiki Clinic on Tuesday evening, June 17th.  Appointments at 7:00 p.m. and 7:45 p.m. $20 for 30 minutes of Reiki in our group reiki setting.Make your reservation by calling 978-338-5571 or emailing reiki@thehealingcenterbeverly.com   For more information about our Reiki Clinics go to: https://thehealingcenterbeverly.com/our-weekly-monthly-events/reiki-clinic/
Mark your calendar to join us Saturday morning June 21st at 9:00 a.m. for coffee/tea and conversation with Ann Brum from Care Alternatives.  Ann will speak about volunteer opportunities at hospice.  CLICK HERE for more information and to RSVP 
* Private Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeships are available this summer.  Contact Joanna at info@joannascaparotti.com or 978-338-4326 for more information.

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