Do you hurt from shoveling?

Our first big snowstorm of the season, and winter hasn’t even officially started yet!  Did you overdo it shoveling? Do you have pain in your back, your knees, or your arms?  OUCH!

We can help!  Reiki is great for easing aches and pains and helping your body heal quickly from overuse. Warm hands melt away your pain and make you more comfortable so you’ll sleep more deeply and wake up feeling like yourself again.

reiki10Joanna is available Sunday afternoon from 3-5pm to ease your pain so you can sleep comfortably tonight. She’s also available on Monday during our drop-in Open Meditation 8:30-10am or call to make an appointment any time during the day. Tamara will be in at 3:30pm with her powerful, pain relieving Reiki.  On Tuesday, Gerry is available to alleviate your pain in the morning, Joanna in the afternoon, and Tuesday evening is our Reiki Clinic. At the clinic, you receive Reiki from a small group of Reiki Master practitioners and advanced Reiki students so you are blanketed in warmth and comfort as your pain melts away. We have openings at the clinic at 6, 6:45pm and 7:30pm.

Call us at 978-338-5571 if you need pain relief now!


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