Sunday Sunrise Sessions

Soak up the light and warmth to rekindle your inner joy!

Recently I experienced a Reiki session in the noontime sun that filled me completely with warmth and light.   It was completely delicious and restorative. I felt a wave of joy come over me with a depth of feeling that I hadn’t realized had been missing since it became too cold out for morning sunrise walks.  I found my Reiki session in the sunshine so exquisite and rejuvenating, I’d like to give you the opportunity to experience this too.

From now through Christmas, I’ll be offering Sunday Sunrise sessions for 45 minutes at 8am and 9am so you can soak up the light and warmth of Reiki and rekindle your inner joy.

In addition, each time you book a 45 or 75 minute session with me or purchase a gift certificate during this period, you’ll also receive a bonus gift certificate for a complimentary half hour session that you can give to yourself or to a friend to use in the new year for recharging your spirit during the long cold days of winter.

There is something powerful in connecting with the sun this time of year and inviting the light into your body. Combined with Reiki, it’s powerful. The Sunday Sunrise Sessions will bring peacefulness and joy that is missing in the cold, dark, hectic days of late fall for many of us.

Call Joanna at 978-338-4326 or email me to schedule your Sunday Sunrise Session at 8 or 9am.  Appointments are available through December 22, 2013.

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