Don’t miss our Autumn Retreat – just a few spots left!

Relax at our Autumn Retreat!

November 15 & 16


We have created two fabulous mini-retreats to improve your well-being.
You will experience all the healing sessions and workshops listed, as well as enjoy relaxation time and light refreshments in a soothing, nurturing atmosphere.

November 15th ~ 7-9pm

This retreat includes three 30 minute sessions with our talented practitioners.

Treat your Feet with Linda Scott


Let skilled intuitive healing hands massage your feet while Linda works specific reflexology points that relax and revive you.  Discover how just 30 minutes on your feet can make a difference in your whole body- inside and out!

A Healing Meditation with Peg Jones


Relax and find balance with a directed healing meditation lead by Peg, as she gently guides you to your center to find peace and inspiration. Afterwards, enjoy an angelic intuitive reading to finish your 30 minute session.

Celebrate the Holidays without Guilt with Louise Andrews


Tis the season to be jolly. Once again, the holidays are upon us. It’s the time of year when we tend to overindulge at parties and holiday gatherings. Goodies are everywhere. With a little self-control, and some common sense approaches suggested by Louise in your 30 minute session, you can enjoy the festivities without feeling guilty or deprived.

November 16th ~ 4:30-6:30pm

This retreat includes three 30 minute sessions with our talented practitioners.

Nourish your Heart & Soul with Joanna Scaparotti


Enjoy a safe space where you can just let go and relax in a gentle Reiki session with Joanna.  The Reiki session itself consists of gentle touch that is often warm and soothing as your body becomes centered and relaxed.  Often, you will doze and drift into lucid dreaming as you relax deeply during this 30 minute session.

Ease Stress and Feel Better with Lakshmi Sirois


Discover how to let go of unhelpful patterns and become more present and fulfilled.  Depending on the patterns you would like to replace and your preferences Lakshmi will recommend and facilitate the use of a modality of Expressive Arts Therapy such as authentic movement, dance, art, sound, drama and dreams and/or techniques from Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to help ease stress and feel better about your self and your life during and after your 30 minute session.

Experience Radiant Health with Iris Weaver

orange oil 2

Our knowledgeable herbalist will guide you on which herbs to use this coming winter so you can enjoy it in radiant health.  There are herbs to boost your immunity, relieve pain and heal your discomforts right in your own kitchen, as well as specialized herbs that you may want to incorporate into your life.  Iris will help you discover the right combination that will keep you feeling good all winter long in this 30 minute session.


The value of each retreat is $100 or sign up for both for $175.

Spots are limited. Reserve yours now!

We accept check, cash, credit card and Paypal payments.

You may also register using our online system here:

Register me for Friday Evening Retreat


Register me for Saturday afternoon Retreat

Contact us to sign up for both Friday & Saturday for $175.

Call us at 978-338-5571 or email to arrange payment.


Did the Retreat meet or exceed your expectations?  ”Delightfully Exceeded!” “Yes. Definitely.”

“The retreat was excellent – it was very well run.  I wish there was an afternoon session so I could do a full day!”!”

What was your favorite part of the Retreat? “The variety of what was offered. I benefited from each session.”

 “It’s hard to pick a favorite – the reflexology was pure bliss (as expected) but I was surprised with the reiki treatments – I had been dismissive of reiki and never thought it could possibly work, but I was proven wrong!  I was amazed by the sensation of heat coming from the practitioners’ hands (how did they do that?) and by how relaxed I felt after the treatment.”

“The environment was welcoming and the event was very organized. The gift bag was a pleasant surprise.”

“This retreat was absolutely amazing and cost-friendly. I felt so pampered and cared for by each master.  Thank you so much!”

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