Happenings At The Healing Center October 7- October 13, 2013


  • We are excited to be planning another one of our Signature Retreats  in November. Come relax, renew and recharge with us on Friday evening November 15 or Saturday Evening, November 16.  Our retreat packages will be sure to delight you – stay tuned for more details!           Our retreats sell out quickly.  Would you like to join our VIP Invitation list for advance tickets to the retreat before we open up registration to everyone? Email here to sign up. 

October Special:    

  • Linda Scott’s:  “Special Rates for Special People” $45/1 hr Reiki for public school teachers, first responders, active and veteran military members, and mental health care facility providers .  Call/text Linda at 978-290-6755 to take advantage of this special offer!

Monday, October 7

  •    Open Meditation at The Healing Center  — 8:30 -10 a.m.   A  quiet space for you to meditate in your own way on Monday and Thursday mornings.  BYOM (Bring Your Own Mantra!)  No fee- donations accepted  For more information call 978-338-5571 or email  Info@thehealingcenterbeverly.com
  •   Today is the end of the 2013 Beverly’s Outdoor Farmer’s Market. Today is our last time setting up our tent at the Market at Veteran’s Park between Beverly Depot and the Post Office for the season. We hope you’ll stop by to say hello and try one of our $1/min services including chair Reiki with Joanna, chair Massage with Linda, a Plant Ally Reading with Iris or an Angel Card Reading with Peg.  Iris will be displaying her handmade herbal products, wreaths and gorgeous plant-dyed silk scarves. Come by to say hello!
  • Do you need pain relief and/or stress management?   Tamara available today for afternoon Reiki sessions.  Contact Tamara for an appointment at 978-595-7755 
  • Peg Jones, author of  the newly released book: Living In The Heart Place With Your Angels: Daily Angelical Whispers Throughout The Year is in every Monday evening from 6:30 – 8:30.  She holds an Archangel Circle from 7-8 p.m.  To learn more about the Archangel Circle, to schedule an angel reading before or after the Circle, or to learn about her Angelic Life Coaching,  Contact Peg at peg@pegsangelicalwhispers.com or 978-532-0574 
  •  Reiki practitioners of all levels, join Tamara this evening for a Reiki Share from 5:30-7 p.m.  Please arrive a little early so we can start on time.  Donation: $5-10  For more info or to let Tamara know you will be coming, contact her at 978-595-7755.

Tuesday, October 8

  • Learn how to take it easy in a Stress Reduction Consultation with Lakshmi using Meditation, Yoga; and/or verbal, dance, authentic movement, art, music, or drama therapy.  Lakshmi Linda Sirois is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, along with a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist and a Kundalini Research Institute Certified Yoga Instructor.   Consultations can be for an individual or a couple’s session.  Pay within a sliding scale or a co-payment with some insurance coverage. For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact Lakshmi at lsirois1@verizon.net or 978-356-5956.
  • Evening Reiki 2 Class begins tonight from 6-7:30 p.m. With Reiki Master Teacher Joanna Scaparotti.  Reiki 2 builds upon Reiki 1 and includes three Reiki symbols and energy archetypes for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. It can also be used for breaking addictions, changing habits, and healing stuckness from the past experiences. During this 6-week course, you will also learn how to give Reiki over a distance and use Reiki to make changes in your own life. This program also covers deepening your Reiki intuition, increasing the energy flow in your body, additional meditation techniques and how to give a full Reiki session to someone else. Legal and ethical responsibilities of practicing Reiki in MA are included too. This class will meet from  6-7:30 p.m. on Tuesday evenings: October 8, 22, 29 & Nov 5, 12, 26.   Tuition is $240.  For answers to your questions or to register contact Joanna at info@joannascaparotti.com or 978-338-4326  or go to http://joannascaparotti.com/services/reiki-2-certification
  •  Schedule a  Nourish Your Heart and Soul reiki session with Joanna and reconnnect with your center and find peace.  It will get you back to a place where you feel at ease with your body and your process.  For more information or to make an appointment, contact Joanna at 978-338-4326  or  go to: joannascaparotti.com/services/nourish-your-heart-soul-reiki-joanna
  • Holistic Health Coach, Louise Andrews, continues her 4 -part Fall 2013 Nutrition Series: Back to Basics with Eating Healthy this evening at 7:00 p.m.  Louise’s series will breakdown each component of our food groups and teach you common sense approaches for improving your well being. Today’s topic (#3) is “Fabulous Fats.”  Fats are the most misunderstood of our food groups.  Many diets create a fear of fat which is very misleading.  Good fats are necessary for healthy hair and skin and they provide some lubrication for our joints.  It’s about  the quality and quantity of the fats we consume and balancing the two while making better choices.  Bring your questions and concerns and let’s learn together! Please register.  Cost: $18 per session. See more information at:  www.creativenourishment.com   To register call Louise at 781-799-6848 or email: creativenourish@aol.com or www.thehealingcenterbeverly.com  

Wednesday, October 9

  • Linda Scott is in several days a week for massage, reiki, reflexology, polarity and more. Don’t forget to look above for Linda’s October Reiki Special: “Special Rates for Special People!”  Call/text Linda at 978-290-6755 to book your session or email www.ikneadyoursoles.com  or  linda.scott.namaste@gmail.com  
  • Tamara is available for afternoon Reiki sessions for pain relief and stress management.  To make an appointment contact Tamara at 978-595-7755.
  • Meditation Circle with Tamara.   Please arrive a little early to settle in before the 6:00 p.m. start time. Donation $5 – $10.00  Want more information? Call Tamara at  978-595-7755

Thursday, October 10

  • Open Meditation at The Healing Center  — 8:30-10 a.m.   A  quiet space for you to meditate in your own way on Monday and Thursday mornings.  BYOM (Bring Your Own Mantra!)  No fee- donations accepted  For more information call 978-338-5571 or email Info@thehealingcenterbeverly.com
  • Linda can help you make time in your busy schedule to take care of yourself.  She is available some mornings (as early as 7:00 a.m.) afternoons and evenings for massage, reiki sessions, reflexology and more.  Don’t forget to look above for Linda’s October Reiki Special: “Special Rates for Special People!”  Call/text Linda at 978-290-6755 to book your session or email  linda.scott.namaste@gmail.com   or  www.ikneadyoursoles.com
  • Seeking advice about your chronic health and skincare concerns?  Make an appointment to consult with Iris Weaver, our Herbalist.  For more information or to make an appointment for a consult contact Iris at Info@Irisweaver.com or 617-773-5809

Friday, October 11

  • Nuture your mind-body, activate your chakras and nourish your soul by attending this lunch time Kundalini Yoga and Meditation class series with Lakshmi Sirois.   Kundalini means awareness of the finite and the infinite, Yoga means union, and Chakras are energy and consciousness centers each associated with a set of values, concerns and abilities. Experience how Kundalini Yoga and Meditation strengthens and tunes each chakra as well as interconnects them into a fully functional system for healing, balance and prosperity Lakshmi establishes a safe, non-judgmental and supportive class for beginners while providing opportunities to challenge the more experienced student.  A new chakra is introduced each week from October 4 – November 22.   Pre-register for individual classes at $14/class, or  drop-in for $16/class.  Contact Lakshmi for more information or to pre-register at lsirois1@verizon.net  or   978-356-5956 
  • Angelic Life Coaching with Peg from 2:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m.  For more information or to arrange an appointment, contact Peg at peg@pegsangelicalwhispers.com or 978-532-0574
  • Linda is in for reiki , massage, reflexology, polarity and more.  Think you don’t have time to fit it in your busy schedule? Think again.  Linda is available some mornings, afternoons and evenings.  Contact her to work out a session at time convenient for both of you.  Don’t forget to look above for Linda’s October Reiki Special: “Special Rates for Special People!”  Call/text Linda at 978-290- 6755 or email linda.scott.namaste@gmail  or  www.ikneadyoursoles.com

Saturday, October 12

  • Enjoy your weekend even more with a massage, reiki session, reflexology or more.  Don’t forget to look above for Linda’s October Reiki Special: “Special Rates for Special People!”   To book your session call/text Linda at 978-290-6755 or  email:       www.ikneadyoursoles.com  or linda.scott.namaste@gmail.com  

Sunday, October 13

  • Female Healing Clinic with Jill Alexander  from 9:30-11:30 a.m.  Know Any Women in Pain, Guilt, Struggle? Come Get a Healing! Did you know that women have an additional level to their energetic system that men do not! The female body holds tremendous creative power and an amazing (often unknown!) ability to attract and hold energy. This power can be used to create our dreams and goals in big and abundant ways–be it a child, a business, wealth, artistic projects, or taking care of a home and family. However, female energy can often become depleted or unbalanced–which is reflected in our lives as chronic guilt, anxiety, depression, poor health and vitality, and lack of fulfillment.   A Female Energy Healing re-balances your female creative energy to replenish your physical and emotional health and move you out of worry and effort to relaxation.   Healings last approximately 20-30 minutes.*** Cost $35  For your appointment, email Jill at jill@energywellnessne.com   ***Attendees MUST reserve a specific time slot in the clinic.***
  • “New to Reiki”  Open House Noon-1 p.m.  Are you new to Reiki? Do you have questions about how Reiki works and what a session is like? Do you wonder what’s involved in the certification process? Bring your questions and get them all answered at this Open House with Reiki Master Teacher Joanna Scaparotti. This Open House is free and open to all curious!
  • Reiki Master Circle tonight from 5:45-7:30 p.m.  This circle is for Reiki Masters as a professional support group and opportunity to connect with others walking the same path. Each month we will have a circle check-in to discuss challenging / interesting situations and case studies that have come up, and we may dedicate some circles to discussing specific topics or to holding specific workshops on related topics.  We will also spend some time in Reiki share so every one gives & receives before they leave. Our agenda is roughly: 5:45 p.m. arrival, get tea, settle in, 6:00 p.m. circle check in, discussion or workshop, 6:30 p.m. Reiki share.   Any questions and to RSVP  email info@joannascaparotti.com or call Joanna at 978-338-4326 

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