Practitioner of the Week: Meet Jill

JillPhotoJill is an experienced intuitive, healer and teacher who helps people manage their energy for wellness and healing their bodies, minds, and spirits. Brought to her work in 1997 after being diagnosed with a debilitating illness, Jill started practicing meditation and studying alternative methods of healing. Today, she is disease-free and is dedicated to helping others heal themselves emotionally, physically, and spiritually. A master’s candidate in Energy Medicine and Medical Intuition at Lesley University, she is specializing in how energetic programming creates disease within the physical body and the use of meditation, prayer, and guided imagery in healing. Jill is also a graduate of The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii, one of the foremost schools in the country for intuitive development and energy work.
 Jill has studied meditation, intuitive development, and energetic healing for the last decade.  She has completed ten years of training including the Clairvoyant Training Program, a year-long intensive practicum of advanced meditation and intuitive reading techniques as well as the Teacher’s Training Program, a three-year study of energetic healing, deprogramming, teaching, and counseling. She is currently taking advanced training in deprogramming energetic patterns created in utero and during the birth process as well as advanced mechanics of the female energetic system. She is Advanced Reiki II certified and is on the Reiki rotations at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston. She has taught classes in Chicago, Cape Cod, and Boston and done intuitive readings for hundreds of people all over the world including Israel, Germany, and New Zealand.
 Jill can help you manage your energy and heal your body, mind and spirit with an intuitive reading, energetic healing session or energy meditation class. An intuitive reading is a communication about where you, as a spirit, are on your life path and how you are using your energy in and around your body. Intuitive reading and counseling sessions help you become aware of how different energies such as emotional patterns, belief systems, spiritual agreements, and energetic programming are affecting you either positively or negatively—ie., validating you or keeping you stuck. A reading can be a great way to obtain more clarity around a decision or life situation, to learn more about one’s life path, or simply for fun and validation!  During an energetic healing a clear, neutral vibration of energy is used to clear blockages and imbalances within the body’s energetic anatomy and physical body. Healings may be employed for general wellness or to address specific physical complaints. Healing sessions may be performed in-person or via a telephone session.
Find out more about Jill’s offerings on her website here, or contact her directly at or 617-784-8298.

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