Practitioner of the week: Meet Joanna

JoannaScaparottiMeet Joanna Scaparotti, Founder and Director of The Healing Center.  Joanna is an experienced Reiki Master Teacher, who has been providing Reiki sessions to individuals since 2003, and Reiki certification and career training to professionals since 2006. Joanna specializes in working with people who are changing, growing and becoming more sensitive and aware of the subtle energy inside and around them.  Her Reiki sessions and classes are designed to be empowering and increase self-awareness, so her clients and students can learn how to be in harmony with the subtle energy to improve their own lives and the lives of those they care about.

Joanna is a prolific writer, and in addition to her blog about personal growth and healing, she has written Reiki certification workbooks, teacher training manuals, and heart-centered entrepreneurship programs. She is currently writing a book about heart-centered entrepreneurship and attending Endicott College in the Masters of Business Administration program.  Joanna’s background includes 10+ years of spiritual study in feminine and earth based spirituality, Taoism and Buddhism and becoming an Ordained Minister. Joanna also completed a Master of Science degree in Natural Health from Clayton College of Natural Health in 2005. Her specialization was researching the psycho-spiritual aspects of healing and finding the answers to these questions: “What does it take for people to heal? What does it take for people to make healthy changes in their lives and maintain them?”  Joanna incorporates everything she learned about what it takes for people to heal, change and grow into all her sessions and classes with clients and students.

Are you curious about Reiki for your personal well-being or as a career? If your desire is to increase your own well-being, awareness and understanding of the subtle energy that affects you and your family, exploring Reiki is for you. You can receive guidance and explore personal growth through Nourish your Heart and Soul Reiki Sessions with Joanna, you can learn how to self-direct your growth through empowering Reiki 1 Certification training, or you can enjoy a supportive community of like-minded seekers at the monthly Heart & Soul Circle.  If you are looking for a place to express your compassion and desire to help others,  explore a career as a Reiki professional – Joanna’s Reiki Certification programs are for you.  If you are exploring how to turn your compassion and holistic healing practice into a heart-centered business, look at Starting your Heart-Centered Business and explore the various learn-at-home, classes and coaching programs there.  If your practice has already been established, and you need inspiration, motivation, encouragement, solutions and strategies, look at Grow your Heart-Centered Business and explore the group and coaching options there.  Are you a Reiki student or practitioner looking for opportunities to practice and develop new skills? Check out the Ongoing Education for Reiki students and practitioners page on Joanna’s website.  Joanna can be reached at, 978-338-4326 or on her website at

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