B.Y.O.M starting Thursday

sun salute


People who meditate are less stressed, healthier, they sleep better, and they have a more positive outlook on life, so meditation can help make you a happier person.  The Healing Center of Beverly is a space where positive energy flows and is exchanged every day, and all of that positive energy, soaked up by the walls and floors, makes it a natural place for meditation.

Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our spirit.

Beginning September 5th, THC is sharing this positive energy place, opening its doors Mondays and Thursdays mornings, 830 – 10 am, for anyone who’d looking for a quiet, soothing space to meditate.   No registration, no fee, no prescribed method required, just the desire to speak the language of your spirit, lessen your stress and raise your awareness of the universe around us.

So…  B.Y.O.M.= Bring Your Own Mantra !

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