Reflections on Labor Day

thankfulI think we are all looking forward to a long weekend to rest and relax, as we delay the end of summer a few more minutes. I know I sure am!

Even so, I thought I’d take a moment to take a deeper look at our Labor Day holiday. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, this holiday is an annual national tribute to the contribution that workers have made to the strength, well-being and prosperity of our country. What I think that means is that Monday is a day where we can step outside of the daily grind and take a few moments to celebrate all that we have contributed and accomplished in the past year.

What if you took a few moments on Monday to really make note of everything you have put your heart and soul into this past year?

Pull out a journal and make a list of all you have done for yourself and others this year. Step outside of any feelings of there not being enough time, enough money or enough success and really take a few moments to cherish and appreciate all the blessings and gifts you gave yourself and others over the past year. Acknowledge how far you’ve come without dwelling on where you’re still going.

Just give yourself permission to be in some gratitude and awe for a few minutes. It will feel good, and you deserve to feel good!

After that, you’ll be ready for September.

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