Join us this week for our Summer Solstice Retreat

Summer Solstice Retreat

Morning & Evening Sessions

June 20th & June 22nd


Summer Solstice Retreat –  Thursday June 20th – Only 2 spots left!

Evening: 7pm-9pm ~ $60

This retreat includes four 25 minute private sessions with our talented practitioners listed below.


A Personal Summer Solstice Meditation and Message from your Angels

Our Angelic Life Coach, Peg Jones, will guide you on a summer solstice meditation and relay a personal message from your angels.


The Soulful Bodywork Sampler 

Maria will be giving you an Aromatherapy Massage on your scalp, hands, and feet, Aromatherapy Reiki, and Gemstone Chakra Healing. This unique and beautiful combination of healing techniques send vibrant waves of sparkling energy to areas that need nurturing TLC.

lavendarDiscover your Plant Ally 

Plants have their own knowing and are waiting to share their wisdom with us.  The spiritual and energetic properties of plants and herbs are presently being brought back into human awareness so that we can consciously use them to heal and whole ourselves.  Iris will help you find your plant ally.

handsheadIntuitive Reiki Session 

Experience Reiki at the hands of our newest Reiki Master, David Cecil. David is an ER Nurse at Beverly Hospital, and he  believes Eastern and Western philosophies complement each other.  This Reiki session will help you relax, engage your body’s natural healing abilities, and deepen your awareness of your body and needs.

Summer Solstice Retreat – Saturday June 22nd – Only 3 spots left!

Morning: 9am-12pm – $75

Intuitive Energy Healing Session

An intuitive energy healing looks at how different energies such as emotional patterns, belief systems, and energetic programming are affecting your physical body and mental and emotional wellness.  During an energy healing session a clear, neutral vibration of energy is used to clear patterning and blockages within the energy field leaving your body more able to integrate its own energy.

feetphotoChoose Your Service from Linda

Treat Your Feet with Foot Reflexology
Release your Trapz (trapezius muscle) with chair massage focusing on your upper back, neck and shoulders where most stress and tension is stored.
Clear and balance your Chakras with Polarity Quartz Crystals

sun saluteSolstice Fulfillment Session

Consciousness is heightened as the time of day light is at its max on the summer solstice.   Lakshmi will help you increase your  awareness of your patterns, presence in your body and the here and now, and Consciousness.  We will do this by using Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, discussion or Expressive Art Therapy.

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