Summer summer summertime!

Well, the calendar says that summer is almost here, but the weather still feels like spring. We had that fluke heatwave two weeks ago, but nothing summer-y since. Even though the weather isn’t cooperating with my plan to hang out on the beach near my apartment yet, I can feel that the energy of summer has arrived.

Summer = busy!

At The Healing Center, I am busy with our week long Summer Kickoff Celebration starting with Arts Fest today and ending with a Summer Solstice Retreat next Saturday, every other weekly booth at the Beverly Farmer’s Market, summer Reiki classes, Reiki shares.

At home, there are birthday parties, graduations, cookouts and visiting with friends and family from out of town. Also, I’m in the home stretch of my MBA program, just 4 1/2 classes left until I’m done.

There is a lot going on!

When my life is busy like this, I turn to Reiki, meditation and yoga to keep me grounded and centered. I ramp up self-care to make sure I am clearing and balancing my energetic system morning and evening, so that I don’t lose connection with my center, my heart and my body while I am so busy. This helps me manage stress (being busy is stressful even if it is the good kind of stress), be fully present everywhere I go, and stay focused on whatever I am working on.

What do you do to stay centered in the summertime?

If you need help creating space where you can nourish your spirit when life is crazy busy, here are a few ways I can help you.

Each month, I will be creating and holding sacred space at The Healing Center for anyone who craves peaceful sacred space for connecting with heart and soul. The next one is June 16th.

I’m also offering Nourish your Heart & Soul Reiki sessions right now where you can slow down, relax deeply, release stress and anxiety, open your heart and reconnect with joy and lightness. It’s a special fundraiser I’m doing for One Fund Boston. For each session, I’m donating $10 to the fund. We have just a few weeks left to make donations. Nourish yourself in sacred space, while you help others, it’s a win-win situation. Email me at or call me at 978-338-4326 to schedule a session.

The Reiki Share for Moms and Night Owls had a great turn out. The next one is Monday, June 17th.

I have a new Student Reiki Clinic in the works, along with some Reiki Refresher workshops in July to reconnect you with your self-Reiki practice and give you some new tools for balancing and clearing your energy, getting centered and grounded.

For you heart centered practitioners and entrepreneurs, I am still pulling together amastermind circle to start in July. If you know you thrive with community support & encouragement, know you need accountability and strategies so you don’t get distracted and can achieve your goals, this circle may be for you. Click here for more details.

I’ve also got a Summer Creative Retreat in the works for August. I’ll share details about that in the coming weeks.

Check out all the upcoming classes and events below.

  • Student Reiki Clinic starting in July for my Reiki 2 and Reiki Master students to practice. It will be open to the public.
  • Sunday afternoon Reiki Refreshers for Reiki practitioners & students of all levels, July 7, 14, 21 3-4:30pm.
  • Reiki Master Circle meets Sunday July 14 from 4:45-6:30pm
  • July Reiki Share for Moms & Night Owls, meets 7:15-8:45pm on Monday July 15
  • Tuesday lunchtime Reiki 2 starting July 23rd will meet 12-1:30pm for 6 weeks.
  • Sunday Reiki 2 starting Aug 4, will meet 1-2:30pm in Aug & Sept.
  • Sunday Reiki 1 starting Aug 4, will meet 3-4:30pm in Aug & Sept.
  • Summer Creative Retreat for Reiki professionals and other Heart Centered Entrepreneurs in August

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