Do you need a little YOU time?

Do you need a little YOU time?

Join us Thursday evening at our retreat where you can have some YOU time while receiving one-on-one TLC from our fantastic practitioners.   


Spring Renewal Retreat –  Thursday May 30th

Evening: 6pm-9pm

This retreat includes three 45 minute private sessions with our talented practitioners listed below.  Value: $75.

crystal healing 5Gemstone Power Tune-up with Maria Barresi This unique 30 minute session allows your whole body to balance and unblock stagnant energy in the Chakra System, increase and renew your energy reserves, and help ease physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual distress.



 Iris Weaveer
 Plant Ally Reading with Iris Weaver Plants are about transformation. Transforming sunlight into chlorophyll, water and air into physical tissue. They teach about taking what we are given and transforming it into what we need.  Plants have their own knowing and are waiting to share their wisdom with us. The spiritual and energetic properties of plants and herbs are presently being brought back into human awareness so that we can consciously use them to heal and whole ourselves.  Iris will help you find your plant ally.

Unite your Body, Mind and Spirit with Lakshmi Linda Sirois  Lakshmi provides a safe space for you to share who you are, guides you with your chosen modality, unites your body/mind/spirit, and helps you to be present, feel better and have new skills to improve your life. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist Certified Kundalini Research Institute Yoga Instructor. She offers Expressive Arts Therapy (including authentic movement, dance, art, sound, drama, and dream therapy) and Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Stress Reduction sessions.


“The retreat was excellent – it was very well run.  I wish there was an afternoon session so I could do a full day!”!”

What was your favorite part of the Retreat? “The variety of what was offered. I benefited from each session.”


Register via Paypal here ($75) or Register with a friend ($130)

We also take cash, check and credit cards – call us at 978-338-5571 or email us at to reserve your spot and arrange for alternate payment.


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