Connecting with heart & soul

This past Sunday was the first Heart & Soul circle inspired by the Heart & Soul retreat from last November.

As we went around the circle to find out why each person was here, the responses were similar: self-care, releasing stress and finding peace.

So that’s what we did.

We put our stresses aside and dedicated our time in the Heart & Soul circle space to cultivate relaxation and peace through meditation, activities and Reiki.

It was just what I needed, and I’m pretty sure everyone who came got what they needed, too.

Each  month, I will be creating and holding this sacred space at The Healing Center for anyone who craves peaceful sacred space for connecting with heart and soul.  The next one is June 16th.

In addition to the Heart & Soul retreat last fall, I also was inspired to lead a 21 day quest called Open your Heart and Call your Soul Home.   A couple dozen intrepid spirits joined me on this quest to reconnect with their hearts and begin to hear their inner voice again.

One of the primary ways that we started connecting to our hearts and listening to the voice of our souls was through the Remembrance meditation. We did Remembrance at the Heart & Soul circle on Sunday as well.

The Remembrance is a sufi prayer method that involves listening to your heart and inviting it to receive what it needs for healing, peace and joy.  Read a blog post I wrote about it a while back, if you’d like to know more. Also, feel free to download my guided Remembrance recording here.

The theme in my life and work right now seems to constantly circle back to the idea of nourishing the heart and soul.  I suspect it is yet another step in raising one’s vibration for health and wellbeing, alongside nourishing the body, the mind, and energetic systems.

Nourishing my own heart and soul means that the more I dive into left-brained business strategies and systems through my MBA and growing The Healing Center, the more I need to counterbalance that work with deepening my own spiritual practices, expanding my healing, intuitive and energetic skills, spending time in nature and, on the professional side, making sure I keep practicing and teaching about Reiki, healing, and spirituality at the heart of my work.

I’m offering Nourish your Heart & Soul Reiki sessions right now for $60 with $10 going towards One Fund Boston.  There is only one month left for us to make donations.  Nourish yourself while you help others, it’s a win-win.

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