I unplugged for 4 whole days

Over the weekend, I unplugged for four days.

Four whole days of no email, no Facebook, no internet, no chatting, no television, and no checking messages.  

At first it was really hard.  I had to shut off data and move all the online apps off the home screen of my smart phone and my iPad so I wouldn’t be tempted.  I still reflexively picked up my phone or iPad every twenty minutes at first, even though I didn’t give in and check.  I substituted a few habits to make it easier: playing solitaire, reading, and actually calling people I hadn’t talked to in a long time to have real live conversations.

After a while, I started to get the hang of it. I dusted and cleaned the first floor of my apartment from top to bottom. I organized some storage. I reorganized my bedroom. I sat on the couch looking out at the ocean. I took a nap.

Eventually, I started to remember what I liked to do before being constantly connected. I went for a drive to get ice cream and look at a different patch of the ocean. I found a local wildlife sanctuary and hiked on trails. I found a quiet space to meditate outside. I walked around town.  I visited with people in person. I invited my roommate to a grand reopening of the local hardware store, and we had a blast participating in the scavenger hunt and other contests.

I kept all the things that delighted, intrigued, and interested me to myself or only shared them with the people physically present. I didn’t post my newest gluten free recipe success, share my find at the hardware store or upload a picture of the six deer hanging out nearby while I meditated in the woods.

I just lived in the moment, disconnected.

It wasn’t easy at first, but it really started to grow on me.  I really started enjoying myself. I got a little sad about going back to work on Monday and having to plug back in. It was a delightful surprise on Monday when I discovered that catching up and getting through my to-do list was pretty easy because I was refreshed and focused.

This experience really taught me something – my business didn’t fall apart while I took a break.  Neither did my family.  Even better, it turned out that being disconnected boosted my relaxation levels significantly, elevated my mood, and increased my productivity when I went back to work.

My daily self-care practices like eating well, meditating, self-Reiki, yoga, exercise, journalling, reading spiritual books, etc… were just not enough.  They couldn’t cut through the chronic stress of being constantly connected.  Unplugging made all the difference.  I am definitely going to be unplugging more often.   How about you?

Do you need a space where you can lean into just being?  Read about the Heart & Soul Circle on May 19th that’s coming together where you can do just that.

Also, check out my upcoming classes including Reiki 2Summer Reiki Master program and a Mastermind Circle that’s forming now.


My best to you and yours this week!

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