Food for thought by Louise Andrews


by Louise Andrews

WATER  is the essence of our being.  We are made up of 70% water, our brains are 75% water and our blood is mostly comprised of water.  It only makes sense that we need water to replenish ourselves to maintain our vitality.   If  you don’t water a plant for several days, it wilts and gets droopy and will eventually dries up.  We are no different.   We can survive long periods of time without food but only a couple of days without water.

Drink a glass of water upon wakening in the morning for a boost to get your day started.  You’ve slept for 7- 8 hours without liquid intake and need to replenish.  (Think of that thirsty plant!)   Early symptoms  of dehydration can be headaches, fatigue, hunger, or dry lips.  If you’re having a mid-afternoon slump, drink a glass of water before you grab that cup of coffee or candy bar.  Remember, by the time you feel thirsty, dehydration has started  to set in.  Listen to your body.

How much water should you drink daily? A general rule of thumb is to take your body weight and divide it in half which equals  the amount of ounces  to drink daily.  Example:  130lbs / 2  = 65 ozs.   This is roughly 8 cups of water daily.   Add refreshing flavors to a glass or pitcher of water by infusing it with lemon , lime or orange slices.  Summertime,  add cucumber slices or mint leaves and  get invigorated.  Take small steps to increase your water consumption.    Congratulate yourself for taking that first step!

Louise Andrews, Holistic  Health Coach –

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