Energy Meditation 101 with Jill Alexander starts May 19

Energy Meditation 101 
Sundays, 9:30am-Noon 
May 19th, June 2, 9,16, 23
Class will run 5 consecutive Sundays except for Memorial Day Weekend

Everything you experience is preceded by a vibration of energy. However, do you find that you struggle to create what you want because you’ve given away your energy-physically and emotionally-but don’t know how to get it back?

 Energy Meditation 101 is a unique meditation course that teaches you how the energy of the body in a way that creates validation, healing, and magic. The tools taught in this class are based on unique meditation, intuitive development, and guided imagery techniques. This class also gives foundational tools for developing your intuitive abilities and working energy in your everyday life–be it at home, at work, or in relationships

This class is especially recommended for those looking for a fun and non-traditional approach to meditation as well as experienced healers who are looking for tools to grow their abilities and certainty.

Week 1: Learn what energy is, how to release the energy you don’t want like stress, pain, and invalidation and call back your unique vibration of energy.

Week 2: Learn about your body’s energetic system and how to tap into a key intuitive ability that will help you create and change energy–and what you can create and experience!

Week 3: Learn about two very dynamic and safe energies that can be used to heal your body and energy system.

Week 4: Learn tools for creating energetic boundaries and keeping out unwanted energy and for shifting energy levels in the body.

Week 5: Learn a dynamic creative tool creating your dreams and goals with less struggle and more flow.

Pre-Registration is Required as Space is Limited. Please email or call Jill to reserve your spot.  Please email or call Jill to reserve your spot. or 617-784-8298

Cost: $200

Coming up…
The Female Energetic System and Your Creative Power
As women we have an additional level to our energetic system that men do not. We hold tremendous creative power and amazing ability to magnetize and attract energy. This power can be used creating our dreams and goals in big and abundant ways–be it a child, a business, wealth, artistic projects, or creating a home. However, our female creative power can actually work against us at times–which is reflected in our lives as chronic guilt, anxiety, depression, poor health and vitality, and lack of fulfillment.
This workshop and healing package will introduce you to the basics of the female energetic system, how to work with it to have more well-being, and release levels of pain, limits, and stagnation.
PreReq: Completion of

Energy Meditation 101
Details to be announced


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