Reiki Master Circle – May 5th

Hi friends,

We try to  hold the Reiki Master circle on the 2nd Sunday of the month, but the 2nd Sunday in May is Mother’s Day. I’m sure many of us will have other plans on Mother’s Day, so let’s plan to meet a week earlier.  Hope you can make it!

supportersThis circle is for Reiki Masters as a professional support group and opportunity to connect with others walking the same path. Each month we will have a circle check-in to discuss challenging / interesting situations and case studies that have come up, and we may dedicate some circles to discussing specific topics or to holding specific workshops on related topics. We will also spend some time in Reiki share so every gives & receives before they leave.

Our agenda is roughly: 4:45 arrive, get tea, settle in, 5:00 pm circle check in, discussion or workshop, 5:30 pm Reiki share. $15. Any questions? Call Joanna at 978-338-4326 or email

Look forward to seeing you there!



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