Pray ~ Write ~ Teach


We finally have some warm weather, and it’s making me very happy. Yesterday, I took my first walk along the beach near my new apartment.  I’ve got to get used to the cool ocean breeze so I can walk out there all year long!

Now that it’s warming up, I feel the urge to spring clean areas of my life that need tending.  Does that happen to you?

My move in February forced me to go through all my stuff, and the benefit of having a Feng Shui consultant as a roommate is that our place is clutter-free and optimized for energy flow.  So, my spring cleaning this year is more internally focused.

For the last six months, maybe more, I haven’t been very clear on what I’m offering with my private practice.  In retrospect, I can see now I was kind of avoiding doing what I do best because I wanted to hide out instead of shine.  As a result, I haven’t been tending to my practice like it deserves. If it were a garden, it would be kind of a weedy, thorny place right now, that’s not so easy to visit.  My spring cleaning needs to happen here.

I’ve been hearing a message since I returned from Mexico: pray ~ write ~ teach.  Stop fooling around and get back to listening within,  sharing and teaching. These are my gifts, the things spirit leads me back to again and again, after every time I stray from my path.

This spring I’m ready to finally own them and clear away all the debris getting in the way.  It’s time to let them blossom and see where the next part of my journey takes me.

Are there any areas you have been avoiding in your own life?

What parts of yourself need tending?

Where do you need to clear things away so you can fully blossom?

My best to you and your family!
Come learn with me!

New Mastermind Circle forming Now!

My current mastermind group has made amazing strides in the past year! I’m glowing with pride for all the successes and celebrations the participants reported on our call early this month. It’s so inspiring!  My intuition says it’s time to form another circle so others can get the feedback, encouragement, support, and strategies for their businesses to grow and thrive too!  I’m going to be reaching out to individuals who I I believe would be a good fit and benefit from the circle, but I wanted to open it up to you, too.  Curious? Read more about the current Mastermind Group here.  Then drop me a note if you have questions and/or interest in joining the new mastermind circle.

Reiki Master Circle meets April 14th 
Our next Reiki Master Circle meets at The Healing Center on Sunday April 14th at 4:45pm. This is a professional support group for Reiki Masters to share stories, discuss challenges and give/receive Reiki together.Let me know if you’d like to come!
Lunchtime Reiki 2 starts April 23
The next Reiki 2 class starts April 23rd, and it meets on Tuesday lunchtime from 12-1:30pm.  Click here for more details.  There are two spots available in this class – so  drop me a note if you’d like to be in this class.
Evening Reiki 1 starts May 7th
Now that winter is over, I’m offering a Tues evening Reiki 1 class starting on May 7th.  Click here for more details.  I’m taking registrations now – let me know if you’d like to join us.
Reiki Master Summer Intensive
I’m also contemplating a summer intensive Reiki Master certificate program.  We would meet weekly instead of monthly so you can complete your 100 hours of training faster.Send me a message if you think you might be interested!

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