Lunchtime Learning with Louise: March 27 Mindfulness

LUNCHTIME LEARNING – The Foundation to Healthy Living

Fad diets only have a short-term success.  Get back to the basics of eating  “real” food and learn how to eat healthy for a lifetime.  Join Louise Andrews, Holistic Health Coach, for her 4 Lunchtime Learning workshops.

Mindfulness   – Creating a Mind-Body Connection to your Life  (March 27)

Are you truly present when eating meals, driving, exercising, having a conversation? If you’re not truly present, this can lead to overeating, weight gain, indigestion, relationship problems, heartburn, impulsivity, body aches, and anxiety.   Learn a few simple techniques to help break bad habits and help you feel better.  This will help your entire family.  Come and be present for 50 minutes and learn life-changing ways to a better you.  Bring your questions and concerns and let’s learn together!

Where:  The Healing Center, 234 Cabot  Street, Beverly. Suite 2

When:    Wednesday, March  27

Time:   12:00 – 12:50

Cost:  $20 per workshop 

Register early – Space is limited:

Contact:  Louise S. Andrews, Holistic Health Coach

Email:   or    Call:  (781) 799-6848

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