April Reiki 1 class starting soon!

Reiki 1 Certification ~ Spring Classes 2013

Give yourself the gift of Reiki – you will thank yourself many times over! Reiki is a gentle type of bodywork that aids emotional harmony, encourages relaxation and stimulates the body’s natural healing processes. Yet, it is a powerful technique that can be used alone or integrated seamlessly with other wellness practices such as Massage Therapy, Polarity, Reflexology, Shiatsu or Yoga.   The first level of Reiki training provides you with an empowering technique for self-care and improving personal well-being. Reiki Certification training provides all the skills needed to direct healing energy to yourself and others. Reiki is taught in four levels and each level builds upon the previous one.

Who will benefit from this?
Joanna specializes in training wellness professionals looking to add Reiki to their repertoire, as well as people who wish to become professional Reiki practitioners. Joanna also works with people who are passionate about mind-body-spirit balance, personal growth, and those who have a burning desire to help others find healing.

What’s involved?
Reiki 1 Certification is taught over a period of 1-2 months. Class involves lecture, hands on activities and plenty of time for practice. Students go home and practice techniques in between classes. Certification is given at the end once students demonstrate competency in Reiki 1.  Tuition for a group Reiki 1 Certification class is $160.

Reiki 1 Certification has 6 class modules:
• Reiki Basics and History
• Energy & Chakras
• Attunement and Self-Reiki
• Ethics & Legal Responsibilities
• Scanning & Grounding
• Treatments for Others

When are classes held?
There are weekend classes that meet on Sunday afternoons for 90 minutes.
There are lunchtime classes that meet on Tuesday from 12-1:30pm.

Reiki 1 Group Class Schedule

Spring 2013

Reiki 1– April Weekend Session $160
• Sundays 3-4:30pm
• Meets Apr 7, 14, 21 & May 5, 12, 19

Reiki 1 – Spring Lunchtime Session $160
• Tuesdays 12-1:30pm
• Meets June 4, 11, 18, 25, Jul 9, 16

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