What is Enough?

 How often do you think to yourself “I have enough”?

 It’s something I am starting to think about, and ask myself: What is enough?

What is enough for you, for me, for anyone and everyone?

Our society, or at least our current economic system, is based on the idea that you can never really have “enough”.

But what is “enough”? How many people actually sit down and ask themselves that question, and then answer it?

I’ve been asking myself and looking for the answers, because really it is a big question with many answers.

I started with this line of thought because one day when I was meditating, my guides told me that I have enough, I am enough, and that there is enough for everyone. I have it written on a piece of envelope on my fridge door.

I always feel that I am not enough: I am not good enough, not knowledgeable enough, not skilled enough…you get the picture. Just not enough to be paid anything or to deserve anything. It’s an awful way to feel and I am very tired of it. I’ve had enough (hey, there’s that word!) and my guides are helping me shift my thinking.

I am starting to think about how I am enough, that I know enough, am pretty enough….

One day I also started thinking about what I have and whether it is “enough”. All sorts of things—apartment, clothes, money, pets, friends, food, herbs, and so on. This is somewhat different, I think, than the “abundance” idea, where you visualize being abundant, which I guess means having lots of everything.

But enough isn’t about abundance, necessarily, though it doesn’t preclude it either. It simply says that at some point you have enough (that word!) and you don’t need any more. You may not need less, but you don’t need more. What you have is just right, or good enough (that word!).

There is a difference between being satisfied and feeling like what you have is okay but you still really need more, and truly knowing you have enough.

It seems you can’t define what enough is without that word creeping in. So let’s look it up in the dictionary. Random HouseCollege Dictionary 1982 rev. ed.

Enough: adequate for the want or good; sufficient for the purpose or to satisfy desire.

An adequate quantity or number; sufficiency.

In a quantity or degree that answers a purpose or satisfies a need or desire sufficiently.

Okay, that’s the definition in the dictionary.

What is enough for you? What does it mean to you?

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