Gemstone Profile: Citrine

Citrine is known to bring joy and hope in every aspect of life!


Also known as: Sun Stone—it is known to hold the rays of sunlight and can turn any negative energy into positive energy.
Color: pale yellow to deep orange
Chakra it is associated with: Crown and Solar Plexus
Element it is associated with: Air
Zodiac sign it is associated with: Gemini
Planet it is associated with: Mercury
Flower it is associated with: Daffodil and Evening Primrose
Herb it is associated with: Bergamot

Healing properties: Can help ease digestive issues, allergies, and skin issues, can help relieve back pain, ease symptoms of depression, help the mind to think clearly, and help one to communicate their creative ideas to others. Wear an amulet of citrine around your neck, or tuck a small stone inside your pocket.

Hearth properties: Citrine can help bring in light, clarity, and warmth to any area in the home that seems to be dark, unfriendly, or cold. Simply place a citrine stone in any room that can use some extra sunshine, joy, and warmth.

Protective properties: It has a powerful ability to bring in radiant light and drive away darkness, it can transform any negative energy into positive energy, and protects against nightmares when tucked inside a pillow. Citrine’s positive energy has longevity—it’s healing and protective properties can continue to energize for a long time!

How to recharge your citrine stone: Place citrine in the sunlight from dawn to noon.


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