Writing with the Angels Class starting February

Peg is going to be running an Writing with the Angels Class starting February 4 at 6:30 for five weeks. The class will help you to contact your Guardian angels and also the Archangels. Each week we will have a different writing exercise and learn about different angels of interest to you. Please join us each week. Call to reserve a seat for the class. 978-532-0574 peg@pegsangelicalwhispers.com. Fee will be 15.00 per class. Make sure you bring a journal and a pen for the class.

January 28th we will have an Archangel Circle and Archangel Jopheil is the angel we will be speaking about and doing a meditation with.The circle will begin at 6:30 and a $10-15 donation is fine. You can call to reserve a seat or just drop in at the time of the circle begins.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am in The Healing Center on Mondays from 2;30 -7:30. If you like to set up a Angelic life coaching consultation for another time let me know and will make an attempt to arrange this. You can check out my website too pegsangelicalwhispers.com

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