Healing Happenings This Week and Beyond

Hello friends,

Check out the happenings at The Healing Center this week and beyond!

On the blog and Facebook:

tincturesHow do you feel? and January Budding News by Iris Weaver

featjer picture Angelic Life Coaching by Peg Jones

greetingthesky.preview Enter to win a New Year’s Strategy Session and Slow & steady wins the race, right? with Joanna Scaparotti

handshead TMJ Self-Massage video recommended by Maria Barresi, LMT

Classes & Events:

Weds January 16th 6pm – Meditation Circle with Tamara

Friday January 18th 12:08pm – Kundalini Yoga with Lakshmi

Monday January 21 6:30pm – Reiki Share for all with Tamara

Become a Reiki Master Teacher with Joanna Scaparotti, starts January 27th

Special Offerings:

Raindrop Massage with Maria Barresi

Are you looking for some much needed warmth, light, peace, and healing during the long, cold days of winter? Does the winter time bring in symptoms of seasonal discomfort like chronic aches and pain, fatigue, inflammation, congestion, depression, sadness, grief, anxiety, or a feeling of disconnection within your being? 60 minute session is $75. Find out more on Maria’s website!

j0401979d5116b570110Stress Reduction consultations with Lakshmi Sirois
Lakshmi provides a safe space for you to release any distress you might be feeling, guides you using your chosen modality, unites your body /mind /spirit, and helps you to be present, feel better and have new skills to improve your life. She uses Expressive Arts Therapy (including authentic movement, dance, art, sound, drama, and dream therapy) and Kundalini Yoga, Meditation to help you release stuck energy , tension  pain and emotions.  Introductory rates of ½ hour for $30 or 1 hour for $60.  lsirois1@verizon.net or 978-338-5571


wb051432Rejuvenate your Energy System with Linda Scott  Are you feeling sluggish with your energy having been depleted from all the hustle and bustle of the Holidays and the stress of the new year? Rejuvenate that energy system with a Reiki and Polarity crystal healing session.  linda.scott.namaste@gmail.com or 978-290-6755

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