Monday, January 14, 2013

Peg Jones Angelic Life Coach, will be having open consulting sessions, from 12:30 to 5:30. Come and stop in to the center to find out about up coming class es that Peg plans to offer. At 4:00pm, Peg will offer an Archangel Circle, to anyone that can drop by for an hour or so.

January 28th, Peg will be offering an Archangel Circle for 6:30 pm and also an introduction to writing with the angels class that will be starting the next week at 4pm. February 4th.

Starting in February, Peg will be offering Writing with the Angels at 4 pm each monday. Come join us as we write our messages our angels share with us. If interested call Peg, to save a spot. There will be a ten person limit, so save your seatfor the class. The first class will start February 4 th at 4:00pm. Donation 20.00. call at 978-532-0574

Peg is also taking new clients for Angelic Life Coaching. Go to to check out Pegs site and what Angelic Life Coaching is all about. Don’t forget to sign up for Pegs newsletter when you get to her site.

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