A full day of creativity, inspiration, sacred space and planning for 2013!

Happy New Year!

I just spent the past week with my family, relaxing and recuperating from the car accident that threw me for a loop in mid-December.  I hope that you had some time to relax and rejuvenate with your family this month too.  We work so hard all year long, and it’s important to take time out to nourish your heart and soul by spending time with yourself and with your loved ones.

In addition to enjoying myself, I used this time in between the holidays and the new year to wrap up loose ends so I can start 2013 on a fresh page.  Is there anything you need to finish before the new year begins in earnest?

Next week, I am hosting the Annual Retreat for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs to spend a full day in inspiration, creativity, sacred space and planning for 2013.  Do you need a time out to reconnect to your core and bring the sacredness from your heart and soul back into your day-to-day life and business?

I have to close registration at the end of Weds January 2nd in order to give the hotel a head count, so let me know if you want a seat at the retreat today.

I’ve also got a Reiki 1 class starting January 6th if this is the year for you to give yourself the gift of Reiki.  Check out the January Reiki 1 class schedule here.

And don’t forget to rejoin my mailing list based on you area(s) of interest so you don’t get left behind in 2013!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful week!

Annual Retreat for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs
PersonalA day of inspiration, creativity, sacred space and planning

2012 has been a busy, and sometimes stressful, year for so many of us. There are so many changes happening in the world around us and evolution is happening faster than ever! It is hard to keep up, and it is easy to get lost in the chaos.

Come join a small group of heart-centered entrepreneurs to create sacred space, explore the creative and spiritual influences inspiring your business, and create a strong sacred foundation for bringing these aspects into the day-to-day of your business in 2013.

We will create sacred space together and invite in creativity, inspiration and wisdom from the heart, soul and universal sources to nourish our spirits and businesses. Through facilitated exercises and masterminding, we will explore how to bring the sacred sparks and ground them in a strong foundation for your business and day to day life. You will leave this retreat with inspiration, strategies and an action plan for the new year.


The Annual Creative Retreat for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs consists of small group of smart, dedicated passionate individuals just like you. We will be creating sacred space and tapping into our individual and collective wisdom to discover the best ways for you to center your business in creativity and spiritual inspiration.

We will be meeting on Tues January 8, 2013 from 9:00am-5:00pm in the comfort and beauty of the historic Hawthorne Hotel which prides itself on being “designed to lift the spirit and delight the eye.” This location is accessible by MBTA and parking is available.

Morning – Sacred Space & Inspiration

In the morning, we will create a sacred space and dive deep into the spiritual and creative aspects of ourselves and our callings to be healers and teachers in the world. Each participant will be invited to bring sacred and inspirational items to help create a collective sacred space. We will invite creativity and inspiration into our space through through music, meditation, reflection, movement, and exploratory work together.

Afternoon – Building a Strong Foundation

In the afternoon, each participant will have the opportunity to be in the spotlight to share about her business and what she needs at this time. Then she will sit back and receive inspiration, support, ideas and energy from the group. Then, we will take all the new inspiration, ideas and breakthrough insights, and transform them into a strong foundation for your life & business through strategic planning.

What previous participants have to say about the Retreat:

“The Creative Retreat gave me that spark to pick up momentum and focus for the next step and new year. I feel back on track with an action plan, and I’m carrying out the steps I intend to complete. The program gave me the motivation, structure and power to get moving again.  The program met my expectations. They always do. It’s always a great opportunity to connect with your core, authentic self, guides, etc… I always feel aligned and energized after I leave. The guided meditations and processing afterward were my favorite part of the program. I gained insight from Joanna and the other members attending. Thank you for always being there to guide us back into alignment with our heart, our goals, our dreams, ourselves, our business.”   – Jennifer Carey of Serene Healing 

“The Creative Retreat met my expectations very well. The guided meditation was key for me. It really went deep. I was able to connect with my authentic self and gain a vision and clarity of focus for doing my work. My favorite parts were the guided meditation and meeting new people and brainstorming.” – Stephanie Edgerly, Former Director of the Cambridge Reiki Practitioners Community

Interested? Reserve your seat today.Registration closes at the end of Jan 2nd.

Email me at info@joannascaparotti.com or download the application and details:  Annual Retreat for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs.

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