Creating Miracles Meditation Workshop Weds 19th

Creating Miracles Meditation Workshop
with Jill Alexander
Wednesday, Dec 19th, 7-9:30 pm
Creating miracles is about being able to recognize our unique vibration of energy and hold it in our body. Too often we fill up on stress, other people’s energy, and hold on to non-productive emotions that keep us stuck and out of the creative flow of miracles.
This workshop will work with fun and easy tools for releasing energy, finding our own energy, and realigning with the true purpose and vibration of the season.
This is the perfect opportunity to shake off any holiday blues, blah’s or tension and reset your space for joy, amusement, and sparkle for the upcoming holiday week. This is a fun, playful workshop open to all levels. The only requirement is a willingness to go with the flow as we’re going to be working with some very dynamic levels of healing energy.
Where: The Healing Center of Beverly
When: Wednesday, Dec 19th, 7-9:30
Donation: $25

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