The journey has just begun

Dear lovely friends,

We started The Quest on Saturday. Each day a few more join us, and you can too!  It’s definitely not too late.


Real life is messy, as you know. It’s not too late, as it’s never too late to connect with your heart. You can have a busy and chaotic life or a nice and peaceful one.  You don’t have to have a few less commitments and responsibilities to show up for your heart. You can show up right in the middle of the living room or your office with everything happening around you.

There is no perfect or right way to do the missions, either.   I am betting your life is more on the chaotic and stressful side than simple and easy right now. Yet your heart is there no matter what is going on, and connecting with it will bring you that peace and calm you crave in the middle of the storm. Even if you sign up for The Quest and each day just *think* about doing the missions because you can’t quite make them happen, that counts too.

You’ll see.  Your heart will thank you.

While each quest is individual, our collective intention, energy and attention to our quests will make the experience stronger and more effective.  With the others on the quest, you will all be clearing your hearts, bringing in lightness and joyfulness and calling your souls home.  I will be there with you every step of the way.  So will the other Questers. Everyone is sharing and supporting each other on our private Facebook  group.

There is even an archive of the Daily Missions that is updated each day so you can go back and see what you might have already missed. You can jump in right where you are or work you way back through the Daily Missions.

There are no grades. It’s really between you and your heart and soul.  The missions are just there to guide you into connection.

Are you craving this? Sign up here.

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