Open your Heart and Call your Soul Home

ImageWe need to call our souls home.   This is our mission.

Our connection to the Divine always is and has been through our hearts.  We often don’t feel it because our hopes, fears, losses, disappointments, and desires get in the way of this spiritual connection.  We need to open our hearts and clear away all the pain and fear that has been blocking our souls from returning home.   Right now, all of humanity needs to remember how to commune with the Divine in our hearts so we can bring this healing light energy into our homes, our communities and across the Earth.

Admittedly, I don’t know a whole lot about what is supposed to happen on 12/21/12, but I am pretty sure nothing overtly catastrophic is going to happen.  My intuition is telling me that there will be subtle, internal, private shifts in all of us who are awake, aware and ready to raise our vibration.  Of course, the cumulative effect of all of this individual shifts could add up to powerful healing and love on this earth and for all her inhabitants.

It’s been our human nature to believe that we need to struggle and suffer to be worthy, to grow and deserve love. We have been experiencing life in this very difficult, outdated way because we have been disconnected from our souls, which are our direct connections to the Divine (or Source or God or Goddess or however you experience it).

It’s time to throw out being lonely, feeling unloved, unworthy and all that suffering!  It is time to put all that behind you and step into a lighter, more joyful existence – effortlessly.  

It’s hard to believe, but the truth is that your suffering can just melt away, if you are ready to surrender it.  Buddha was right – suffering is an illusion and we can all become enlightened.  We can do this with ease by opening our hearts and calling our souls home.

Do you want a lighter heart, a direct connection to your Source and be a part of this transformation?

Whether you are already serving as a healer in some capacity to help others with healing or whether you simply feel called to open your heart and call your own soul home for your own healing, this quest is for you.

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