Change of heart for the Heart & Soul retreat

Lovely friends,

This Thanksgiving has been a time of soul searching and deep reflection on what is truly important.  This week there was a health scare in my family, but all is ok now.  Thanksgiving was truly a time of gratitude and reflection for how blessed my family is to have health, homes over our heads and even jobs that support our lives.  I’ve had my own personal struggles this year with my faith, with learning to swim in graduate school and with growing pains in my business, but in comparison to those who recently lost their homes during Hurricane Sandy – my struggles are minor.

In pausing to reflect on all the abundance, love and grace in my life, I find that I am in a better position to be of Service than I had been thinking lately.  I have to admit that I have been wrapped up a lot lately in my physical pain challenges, my crisis of faith when life is emotionally and spiritually difficult, and even my frustration that I don’t have the extra income to donate to Hurricane Sandy relief funds or shower my family and friends with holiday gifts this year to express my love and gratitude for them.  In the big picture, those things are not so very important are they?  I am still very blessed with food to eat, a warm home, healthy friends and family and a life and business that are whole are an intact.

There is so very much to be grateful for, and so many ways I can be of Service even if giving money is not something I can do right now.  I can give my time, energy and intention and allow Service to others to flow through me. What I have decided is to open up the Nourish your Heart and Soul Retreat tomorrow into a fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy relief with all proceeds going as a donation to American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy fund.  This way I can give to those in crisis in a way that is within my means right now.  In addition, I can give to YOU by opening the doors for you to come to Nourish your own Heart and Soul at any donation you can afford to give at this time.  It’s a win all around for all of us.  Please come tomorrow to receive what your heart needs, give to those who are in need, and be a part of something we can all feel good about.

Whether it’s $5 or $75, please come nourish your heart and soul and pay a little forward to those suffering significant losses due to Hurricane Sandy.  Details about the retreat on my website here.


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