Nuture yourself and your loved ones this holiday season!

Nurture yourself &  your loved ones this holiday season!

Healing Holiday Specials with Maria Barresi

Integrated Aromatherapy Massage & Reiki Holiday Special

Integrated Aromatherapy Massage & Reiki 3-Packs are being generously discounted this holiday season, and with each 3-pack purchase you will also receive a very special Thank You gift certificate valued at $15.00 to use towards a future purchase!

Are you looking for some much needed warmth, light, peace, and healing during the long, cold days of winter? Does the winter time bring in symptoms of seasonal discomfort like chronic aches and pain, fatigue, inflammation, depression, sadness, grief, anxiety, or a feeling of disconnection within your being? A combined session of these healing techniques can help to: deeply relax & soothe away your muscle aches and tension, maintain a healthy immune system & increase your energy levels, balance your Chakra system & raise your spiritual vibration, decrease your pain, inflammation & other stress-related symptoms, as well as help to ease and release the symptoms of depression, sadness, grief, and anxiety. Each integrated session is tailored to your individual needs, targeting areas of your being that need extra attention and TLC, allowing you to connect peacefully within your being. Offer expires on 12/31/2012

60 minute 3-Pack: $170.00 ($210.00 value)       90 minute 3-Pack: $245.00 ($285.00 value)

Purchases can be made online at

Maria can be contacted at

Gift Certificate Holiday Special

Treat your loved ones and yourself to a deeply nurturing healing session this holiday season! For each gift certificate purchase made of $25.00 or more, you will receive a special Thank You gift certificate valued at $15.00!

Allow yourself and your loved ones to be surrounded in a compassionate atmosphere, a warm and cozy massage table, soothing music, enticing aromas, and flickering candlelight as skillful, intuitive hands help melt away your aches & pain, stress, and tension. Each individually tailored healing session offers focused attention to areas of the body that need extra nourishing TLC, as blissful relaxation and long-lasting peace rejuvenates your whole being. For this winter holiday season, give the gifts of health, wellness, light, warmth, and peace to your loved ones and yourself with a relaxing healing session that is sure to bring heart-felt appreciation and joy!  Offer expires on 12/31/2012

Gift Certificate purchases can be made online at

Maria can be contacted at

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